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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Run for Wishes North Alabama 5K

After running a 15K on Saturday I figured a little 5K on Sunday was just what I needed to stretch my legs out and who turns down a free 5K?! That's right, FREE. I got an email on Thursday that anyone who had registered for the Run Through the Roses race this past year got free registration for this race. At 10:00 on Saturday night I entered my info and it was game on from there. I started thinking about the race and whether or not I would be able to set a new PR.

Had to take pictures myself since Allan couldn't come cheer me on
The race was held in Providence Town Center which is an intimate area with a breathtaking green space and several restaurants and small businesses. Before the race started we were introduced to a child whose wish was granted through the Make a Wish Foundation. He got to go to Disney World and he said all of it was great!

Here's the sweet kid whose wish was granted!
The announcer was encouraging all of us to make our way to the start. Before I realized what was going on it was 10 seconds to the start and I was surrounded by men in short shorts in their racing stance ready to start their Garmins. I took off with these runners and surprise, surprise I couldn't keep up! I tried to slow to my pace but I was still running too fast. I was practically screaming my pace, posture, knees mantra to myself at this point. I made it to the first monster hill and walked awhile. The first water stop was another walk break. The entire course went through two neighborhoods and I made it to the second water stop and walked so I could drink my little cup of Gatorade.

My pre-race photo thanks to the timer on my camera
The last part of the race was rough and just when I had reasoned to myself that it was ok not to PR and just walk an older man caught up to me and told me not to quit and to find my pace. I started to run again and ran the rest of the way to the finish. I caught up to a redhead (my sister is a redhead and we are fierce competitors) just before the finish and my inner sprinter kicked in and I sprinted to the finish leaving her behind. It was pretty amazing to hear people say "Wow" and "Great job" as I crossed the finish line! 33:05 was my final time so I didn't PR but I was proud to be able to run a 5K the day after my first 15K and live to tell the tale! There was a moment (or two or three) that I thought about calling Allan to come get me but I didn't and I'm glad I finished strong.

The beautiful fountain where I did my stretching before and after the race
This is a race that I will most certainly run again next year. Check back tomorrow for a giveaway and some exciting news about my upcoming races!


  1. Suzanne, you won the Larabar giveaway! Sad to say only you and one other person entered- I need to find a way to get more traffic to my site obviously! Please send me your mailing info to melindapollard{at}gmail{dot}com. Thanks!

  2. A free 5K!! That is crazy! Congrats on both races!!

  3. I want to do a free 5k!!! I guess I could just run a free 5K around my hood....hahahah.

    Get Up & Go

  4. Suz, you are a real inspiration with your running. I'm only new to it, having recently completed the Couch to 5K program, but am absolutely loving it, and now run 5K 3 or 4 times a week. This week I've started the Bridge to 10K program, mainly to improve my 5K. Congratulations to you, I'll continue to be inspired by you.

  5. Wow that's awesome!

    A 5K right after your first 15K? ah-mazing.

  6. WOW! Back to back races are so tough! Good job! You are seriously a trooper.

  7. Great job (and congratulations!) on the back-to-back races! I have never done that; I've always needed a rest day after a race (either that, or I've trained my body that I need a rest day after a race!) ROCK!

  8. Congrats on both races! Look forward to hearing about your plans for next year!

  9. Awesome job, on BOTH races! And I would run so many more races if more of them were free :)

  10. Wow... a free race! I love those. They do free 5ks on the AFB here... in fact that zombie 5k that is coming up is a free one!!! Yea! And great job on both races! You rock!

  11. that's def awesome, racing the day after your first 15k, way to go!

  12. Yay I am always utilizing the self timer on my camera! You still did a great job...I am proud of you! I have my 7k on Thursday and I am a bit nervous since I was injured though half my did you enjoy the 15k? I would love to work up to something like that!!!

  13. Free races are the best!! You did great, esp after a 15K the day before.

    Thanks for all the kind words on my marathon posts!

  14. Ahh great job! I hope I feel like I could run a 5k after my 15k in December. I wish I had the stamina of Lance Armstrong. Seriously. I hope there's a guy in my races telling me to keep going. Maybe I'll hire a cheering coach. Hmmm.


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