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Monday, October 3, 2011

Playing in the Yard

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When I'm home alone and left to entertain myself I have a tendency to conquer a project or two. This last trip was no exception. No sooner had Allan's plane taken off and I was snatching up mums to get the porch ready for fall. I saw pansies and picked them up too not knowing where I would even plant them. A neighbor abandoned the rocks that they had been using in their landscaping and my next door neighbor and I have snatched almost all of them up to use for ourselves. Mine inspired this little beauty!

The pansies have a home after all!
I'm really surprised with how it turned out. I pretty much just started attacking the grass with a shovel (while in my pj's-sexy I know) and then dug holes for the pansies, planted them, covered with black mulch, and bordered it with the rocks. Next I set out to plant mums in all the pots I have for the front porch. Here's the end result for each:

These are a little more orange now that they have bloomed more

Can't go wrong with yellow mums!

Normally not a fan of purple but I'm learning to like it

These light purple/lavender mums keep looking better and better each day
Before putting the mums out I had zinnias in one of the pots. I picked those and put them in the vase pictured below. We also have a rose bush to the left of our front steps and it has taken off this year and bloomed since April. I will have to cut it back this year but for a $5 rose bush I couldn't ask for prettier roses!

My little zinnias

My rose bush's latest rose in bloom
Next trip I'm remounting the TV in one of the spare bedrooms that doubles as my exercise room if that doesn't get done before then. I'm fighting the urge to repaint something...

Have a great Monday everyone! Anyone else have a green thumb?


  1. I wish I had a better green thumb. Sometimes I think about little gardening projects I could do, but then I never follow through. I hope someday, when I have a more permanent residence, I will put in more time beautifying it.

    Your flowers are so gorgeous! I love the planter around the mailbox. How cute!

  2. I like to think I'm a green-thumb in the making -- and you're quite the inspiration! I've wanted an herb garden for AS LONG AS I CAN REMEMBER!!! So without further adieu, I may just have to make that a reality before the end of this year!

  3. Love the mums--so pretty!
    I am most proud of bringing some planters in over the winter and keeping the mums alive to the point that they're reblooming (hello beautiful!) this year.

  4. Love what you did around the mailbox! My thumb is not green! I have tried and tried, but I either over or under water and what I don't kill the grasshopper and deer eat. Sigh!

  5. Love your flower pots! I try to put flower in pots and then they die! I think it's called having a brown thumb?!?

  6. Your garden and flowers are beautiful!!! I love flowers around the mailbox... my mom used to do that... until we moved to a house that had one of those community mailboxes down the street... boo. I just think it's so cute and homey. :) I love gardening and planting flowers, but only when it's warm and the sun is shining. I had to put a yard into our old house last November/December before we could rent it... and it was always cold and rainy... which just makes it less fun.

    Your rose is gorgeous!!!


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