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Friday, October 21, 2011

Liz Hurley Ribbon Run 2011

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The 8th Annual Liz Hurley Ribbon Run was held last Saturday, October 15, 2011, in downtown Huntsville, AL, and they had to close registration on Thursday when the number of registrants reached 5,500. Nearly 1,500 men ran the Men's Race at 8 and almost 4,000 women ran the Women's Race at 9.

Liz Hurley-Breast Cancer Survivor

How cute is this?!
Last year we ran this race with Jenn, Matt, and Nicole and running together was such a special experience. Both years we ran on the Weight Watchers Loosers team with my Weight Watchers ladies.  Allan started in the front because there were several high school kids as well as older guys so he wanted to sprint the first mile, settle on the second, and sprint the third. His game plan was highly effective and he set a new PR at 23:30. I was soooo proud of him!!!

Allan getting ready for the start

Off they go!

See if you can find Allan!
We got to spend a few minutes together before my friend and I made our way over for the start of the women's race. I took pictures like a crazy woman today since Jenn wasn't there to photograph the experience. My race was great! I started out at a conservative pace because I have a tendency to start out too fast. I stayed with my friend until after mile 1 and then I decided to push it and see what I could do. Thank goodness for the sweet people handing out mini water bottles before mile 1 because I grabbed one and never stopped again. I walked twice to take a few sips of water.

After the final hill I could see the finish line. During the "home stretch" I kicked it into high gear and passed 30-40 people. I sprinted the last 15 seconds and crossed the line at 31:46!!! A new PR by almost 30 seconds!!! I was barely breathing hard so that tells me that there is a sub-30 5K PR in there somewhere. Look out Spooktacular 5K on October 29, 2011!!! The best part of the sprint to the finish: people yelling for Tanya whose name was on my second bib. It goes without saying that I cried several times before, during, and after the race thinking of her.
We are calling this our Double PR pic
Labs-how could I not take a picture?!
Besides running into these cute labs after the race I also got a post-race massage from the same lady who did my post-race massage last year. I remembered her immediately but said nothing to her about last year. After 10 seconds of her working on my shoulder she remembered me. Apparently I made a lasting impression carrying more stress than almost every other client she had ever worked on. She told me I was a completely different person this year with a lot less stress in my body. That made me feel good! I highly recommend taking advantage of post-race massages. They are amazing!

As always the Liz Hurley was wonderful and will be an event on our race calendars for years to come. I'm already excited for 2012!


  1. I think this post was a sign--I just did a whole post about tutus and those dogs wearing them made me laugh!

    Nice job on the PRs!

  2. What a fun run! You are definitely capable of a sub-30 5k!! You are going to break it next weekend for sure.

    Congrats to both you and Allan. You guys rock :)

  3. Congrats on both of your PRs! This race sounds like so much fun. Can't wait to read about your sub-30 5K!

  4. I love the dogs in tutus and you will do a great 5k! I just did my first one and my goal was sub 30 as well - 26:56! you'll be awesome, just keep running! and congrats on the PR's I love PR's

  5. Congrats on your PR girl! I'm bummed I wasn't there to run with you, but I'm so proud you took tons of pictures in my absence:) I remember how emotional I was last year, and even reading the ending of your recap I lost it a little---I may have collapsed hearing everyone shout a loved ones name I lost to the Capital C.

  6. CONGRATS to both of you on the fantastic PRs!

    How incredibly moving to hear your loved one's name as you crossed the finish line.

    My pregnancy hormones got me all up in tears over that!

  7. congrats to both of you for those PR's!!

    those labs are adorable!!

  8. Great job on the PR, girl! WOO HOO!!! Looking forward to reading about how the 10/29 race goes... good luck! :)

  9. That owl bra pick and dog tutu pick crack me up!

    Nice PR! You and Allan are a pretty darn cute pair I must say.

    Get Up & Go

  10. Congratulations! What an amazing race! Love the dogs in tutus!

  11. Awesome PRs!! Looks like the race was a huge success!!

  12. Congrats on the PRs. Love the picture of you two.


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