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Saturday, October 1, 2011

It's October!!!

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Now that it is October 1 I can decorate for Halloween and start transforming my house with all my pumpkins, witches, bats, and cats!!! I haven't started decorating yet because let's face it football takes priority on Saturdays.

Beautiful basket with our monogram on it!

Today is a big test for Auburn as we play South Carolina at South Carolina. With most of the nation assuming we are going to be terrible this year and won't beat anyone worthwhile, we are anxious to prove ourselves on the road with a big upset in Columbia against the #10 team in the country.

Nicole & I at the AU vs. UGA game last year

Before settling onto the couch for football we have opened all the doors and some of the windows to create an amazing breeze coming through the house. We aren't expected to even hit 70 here today so the dogs are enjoying the beautiful weather doing what they do best-lounging around the backyard without a care in the world!

Sasha & Lucky last fall
Tonight we are headed over to a friend's house to watch Clemson vs. West Virginia and then Alabama vs. Florida. I'm going to have to take a jacket because it's going to hit 38 tonight. 38 IN ALABAMA!!! My sister is complaining about the 60's down in FL. Bless her heart (one of my favorite Southernisms) she would be freezing here today!

From our beach trip in August
Happy Game Day people! Enjoy your Saturday and the first day of October!


  1. 38 DEGREES?!!??!!?! Good Lord!! It was 87 degrees at 10AM this morning... who knows where it's at now! We do have some refreshing trade winds though! =)

  2. It's 40's and rainy in VT. Chilly!

  3. It was 40 here this morning, crazy! I'm going to have to figure out all this football craziness soon. I love hearing about how excited it makes you!

  4. i wish i liked football, i just don't get it. that basket is super cute by the way.

  5. Ah... that IS COLD! I'm so glad I live in California... It was 78 or something here today and I had to wear pants. Pants on October 1st! Boo... actually, it does make running quite a bit more pleasant.

    Go Auburn!! And I love that bag in the first pic! You've got style, girl! How about you come to my house and help me decorate for Halloween also! :)

  6. @Jessica - pants? 78 degrees and you wore PANTS? I'm laughing my butt off here but I have a runner friend in San Diego and I laugh at her too. I live in Huntsville (close to Suzanne) and I went out yesterday morning in a skirt and short sleeves...and it was only about 50 degrees. But I was running 12 miles and knew I would warm up quickly - and I did! :)

    Suzanne, I rarely comment but I read every day. :)

  7. that basket is too cute (and so are your doggies!). i'm with you on decorating, oct 1st, halloween decor up!


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