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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday Ali!

Dearest Ali,

Today on your first birthday your Uncle Allan and I want to wish you all the happiness in the world. We cannot wait to see what God has in store for you in your life. Years from now when you are old enough to read blogs (will we and your parents still be blogging then?) we hope you read this knowing that you are loved by so many especially the two of us. You already have your Daddy wrapped around your little finger (and Uncle Allan too if we are being honest) and have captured your mother's heart providing so much joy for her as you learn and grow. We are always here if you need us and will constantly be thinking of you and praying for you as you grow up and face the challenges of life. Enjoy your special day sweet girl!


Uncle Allan & Aunt Suz
Here's the birthday girl with her own cake and her sweet Mommy & Daddy

Oooh, yummy cake!

Allan, his dad Steve, and our niece Brooklyn

My favorite gift we found for her-it's a precious little dress

What little girl doesn't need a pink Polo onesie with a dress to wear over it?!
And two more pink dresses because Aunt Suz doesn't have a lot of restraint when buying baby clothes

Ali, Jodi, & Margie (Allan's mom)

The Brothers

Well, this one is almost all serious but still one of my favorites I've taken of them!
Allan & Brooklyn with her Halloween bear (we got her & Ali both one-aren't they cute?!)
A year ago today I was driving 100 mph with the hazard lights on trying to get to St. Vincent's before our little niece made her first appearance into the world. As a side note we weighed our options on who should drive that morning and since I haven't gotten a ticket since 2002 I was the lucky winner! Jodi wasn't due until January so having Ali early raised lots of questions for everyone as Ali was taken to the NICU. I'm happy to report that today she is a happy, healthy baby girl with a sweet disposition, uncanny tolerance for her Uncle Allan's loud voice while she's napping, and a precious face sure to melt Aunt Suz & Uncle Allan's heart for years to come. We celebrated her first birthday on Saturday, October 15, 2011, at Jodi's parent's house with several of her sisters and their families, almost all the grandparents, and Allan's older brother and his family.

Tomorrow we will announce the winner of the Larabar giveway!


  1. She is adorable. My first 2 nephews' births were huge moments in my life as I hadn't had any children yet. I will remember those days like my own children's births. Thank goodness for her good health after an early arrival.

  2. Cute pictures! Happy birthday, Ali!

  3. Love the pictures! What a sweet looking little girl.. Happy Birthday little one!

  4. So cute. What lovely familly memories. Happy Birthday, cutie!

  5. She is so cute AND she has an awesome name!


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