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Monday, October 31, 2011

Spiders, Bats, Witches, Pumpkins, & Ghosts

Happy Halloween! We have been decorated indoors for a few weeks now but I wanted to wait until Halloween to share all of our decorations with you guys. I bought several of these items last Halloween when I had a rough weekend and had to undergo a little retail therapy which consisted of me visiting every TJ Maxx and Marshall's in the area and buying LOTS of discounted Halloween decorations. At least our house is incredibly festive now! Yesterday we finally bought pumpkins and today we put up our bats and spider web lights on the front porch. Here's what our house looks like right now:

Our Halloween wreath

Sasha's pumpkin necklace

Lucky's glow in the dark skeleton shirt

Lucky wearing the pumpkin necklace and skeleton shirt (he loves outfits!)

Raven atop the pumpkin

My great little thrift store find for $.50

Decorated table in our den

Our spooky mantle

Spider web on the lamp

Pumpkin on the chaise lounge

Scary cats

I thought this was so cute!

Halloween signs

Witches Corner

A couple of other festive additions to the entertainment center

Our entry table

Both the dogs sporting their Halloween shirts

Spider web on the porch

Little pumpkins on the front steps

Purple and black bats on the porch

Scary goblin and candle holders

Flag at the mailbox

Trying to take a picture of them (while bribing them with treats)
Tonight we will be decorating pumpkins and if I'm feeling really adventurous today then I may also be running Kiley's Virtual Halloween 5K! Check out her post for all the details on how you can participate and possibly win the prize which will be drawn randomly among all those who walk, run, bike, or swim at least 3.1 miles and link their photo with their race bib to Kiley's blog.

What are your Halloween plans? Have fun whatever you and yours choose to do!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Spooktacular 5K

Remember how I felt so great after the Liz Hurley and knew I could run a sub-30 5K? Well, Saturday's race was not that race. I'm a pretty tough girl but the month of October has been rougher than most with Allan being out of town 4 of the last 6 weeks, my cat dying, putting Allan's mom's dog to sleep, a sweet teenage girl that's a friend of the family tragically passing away, Allan's aunt passing away this past week from breast cancer, and a few other minor things that seem insignificant in comparison to the loss of family and friends. The weight of all of this mixed with a week of not sleeping enough or sleeping well made for a terrible race day. Add in racing in temps in the 30's and it was a recipe for disaster.

Thriller dance number

Other runners in costume

This group may have been my favorite-this guy in particular

See-I told you it was cold!

The costumes we saw were pretty good with several making us laugh. There was even a group who danced to Thriller before the race started. Things didn't seem to be organized as well as other races. We didn't even know the race had started when the people ahead of us took off. I think I've gotten spoiled with post-race food always expecting Domino's pizza but sadly there was no pizza awaiting me at the finish. I was too tired to run a good time and I knew it so there were a few times we walked and when I was running I wasn't running that fast. I was able to sprint at the end and I think it was for no other reason than it was about it to be over. I crossed the line at 34:55 and Allan at 34:59 so clearly no PR's were set. It was a fun race and we got men's and women's tech tees as our race shirt so I was happy. Last night I slept 12 hours and feel much better so hopefully I can catch up on sleep this week, get in a few good runs, and prepare myself for the half marathon looming in my future.

Sorry to be so wordy. If you raced this weekend I hope your race went better than ours as far as PR's are concerned. Anyone else planning to run Kiley's Virtual Halloween 5K tomorrow?

On a completely unrelated note what's going on with football this weekend? So many upsets! I pity the people who bet on NFL games because all the games today have either been upsets or closer than I would have thought. Not that many of the college games were too different yesterday. Close games that I thought wouldn't have been, blowouts that shouldn't have been, and upsets that I didn't see coming.

Friday, October 28, 2011

HBBC, POTM, & Larabar Giveaway Winner

I know you guys are here to see who won the Larabar giveaway and instead of making you wait until the end I'm going to go ahead and announce the winner!

Lucky #1 (who says never picks #1) is Heather who blogs at Just a Colorado Gal. Congratulations Heather! She's actually a new follower of mine and I'm already enjoying reading her blog as well. If you haven't read her posts this week you are missing out on helping her pick a marathon. Prepare yourself for the shock of reading about the crazy, rude woman in spin class. Who talks on their phone DURING spin class?! Shoot me an email Heather so I can get your mailing address! Enjoy your yummy Larabars!!!

Now onto some exciting news out there in the blogosphere. For those of you like me who look at the winter months filled with Halloween candy, Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas goodies, and New Year's Party snacks as a challenge to lose weight rather than gain it then listen up! There are some challenges out there that will help you do just that!

The lovely Amanda at RunToTheFinish is doing the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge again this year (fourth year in a row) and I'm signed up to participate. Check out her post for the details on levels (builders, doers, advanced), ways to earn points and prizes, and how you can sign up too! HBBC runs from November 19-January 6 so that's plenty of motivation to stay active throughout the holiday season!

Photo credit

This week Amanda also introduced us to a second challenge called the Pile on the Miles 2011 which started in 2009. Monica over at Run, Eat, Repeat will be heading things up this year and you can check out her post for all the details. To sign up just email her at runeatrepeat @ gmail dot com. Pile on the Miles runs from November 1-November 24 (Thanksgiving) and it's a great way to motivate yourself to run some extra miles next month. Please email her by OCTOBER 30 if you wish to participate!

Photo credit
So what you are you waiting for? Sign up for a challenge and get ready to have your healthiest and fittest holiday season yet!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday Ali!

Dearest Ali,

Today on your first birthday your Uncle Allan and I want to wish you all the happiness in the world. We cannot wait to see what God has in store for you in your life. Years from now when you are old enough to read blogs (will we and your parents still be blogging then?) we hope you read this knowing that you are loved by so many especially the two of us. You already have your Daddy wrapped around your little finger (and Uncle Allan too if we are being honest) and have captured your mother's heart providing so much joy for her as you learn and grow. We are always here if you need us and will constantly be thinking of you and praying for you as you grow up and face the challenges of life. Enjoy your special day sweet girl!


Uncle Allan & Aunt Suz
Here's the birthday girl with her own cake and her sweet Mommy & Daddy

Oooh, yummy cake!

Allan, his dad Steve, and our niece Brooklyn

My favorite gift we found for her-it's a precious little dress

What little girl doesn't need a pink Polo onesie with a dress to wear over it?!
And two more pink dresses because Aunt Suz doesn't have a lot of restraint when buying baby clothes

Ali, Jodi, & Margie (Allan's mom)

The Brothers

Well, this one is almost all serious but still one of my favorites I've taken of them!
Allan & Brooklyn with her Halloween bear (we got her & Ali both one-aren't they cute?!)
A year ago today I was driving 100 mph with the hazard lights on trying to get to St. Vincent's before our little niece made her first appearance into the world. As a side note we weighed our options on who should drive that morning and since I haven't gotten a ticket since 2002 I was the lucky winner! Jodi wasn't due until January so having Ali early raised lots of questions for everyone as Ali was taken to the NICU. I'm happy to report that today she is a happy, healthy baby girl with a sweet disposition, uncanny tolerance for her Uncle Allan's loud voice while she's napping, and a precious face sure to melt Aunt Suz & Uncle Allan's heart for years to come. We celebrated her first birthday on Saturday, October 15, 2011, at Jodi's parent's house with several of her sisters and their families, almost all the grandparents, and Allan's older brother and his family.

Tomorrow we will announce the winner of the Larabar giveway!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tate Pumpkin Farms

Today is the last day to enter our LARABAR giveaway so check this post for details and to enter!

On Columbus Day I made a trip to Tate Pumpkin Farms with the kid I nanny for. It's a toss up as to who had the best time. I ran around like a little kid snapping pictures of this and that, looking at all the pumpkins and farm animals, and oohing and aahing at all the neat things they had set up for me kids to enjoy! Nothing tells the story of our trip better than pictures so I'll hush now.

This was one of my favorite pictures from the farm

How funny is this?!

Pumpkins in the wild

Old farm equipment at the entrance

Hours of fun to be had here!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Nothing like a great outhouse display to make me laugh!

Blackberry Cobbler-delish!

One of the old tractors

Pumpkin House
Hay Maze

My favorite little farm animal-the calf

This would have made for some great pictures with kids

Farm Girl at heart and an Auburn College of Ag alumni!

White Pumpkins-very different

They had LOTS of pumpkins for purchase!
Overall the experience was great and it was only $10 per person and I had a Living Social voucher for me so it was only $15 for the two of us to play from 2-6 PM. What a great deal! If you haven't already gotten out there and found a local pumpkin farm to check out I highly recommend getting on that. It's so much fun for adults and kids alike!