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Friday, September 16, 2011

What's New Around the House

Last week I snagged some great finds at TJMaxx and Marshall's. I lucked out and went to Marshall's when they had yellow tag clearance items and got GREAT deals. I'm talking baby clothes that ranged from $.30-$3 (several of the items are Polo) and Calvin Klein shorts for me that were $7. This week I made another round to the thrift stores where I found several books, 3 garden flags, and another bookcase.

Hawaiian Wind Chime I scored at TJMaxx for $7.50

It's hanging right outside of our big window in the den where I normally work from-makes me think of Jenn!

I had seen this little red treasure on a previous trip and picked it up on my second trip for $10

Bookcase-Goodwill $35: love the color and the red is the perfect pop of color!
The flags will make their appearance on the blog as the seasons change and we put them out. I also found 55 books this week and paid less than $25 for all of them!!! Several will be given as gifts but I did find several for myself. I'm anxious to have time to curl up in my big chair in the library with a large cup of coffee and a great book to read!

Anything new at your house?


  1. I'm seriously gonna have to go on a hunt for places "like" TJ Maxx and thrift-like stores -- as far as I know, Maui just doesn't have AMAZING deals like that! We have a Ross, but I have only been there once...maybe I'll start there LOL!!

    I absolutely LOVE the wind chime -- I can't believe I don't have one (love the sound bamboo makes) so that will be my first purchase FOR SURE! Then it'll make me think of you:)

    Thanks for entering my giveaway ( I can't wait to see who wins!!!!

  2. Great finds! I've always wanted a wind chime but have never pulled the trigger.

  3. I always have something new at my house! I live at tJ Maxx and Marshalls....oh and home goods too! I just bought a few things to decorate my new in house office. 2 Owls and some book ends that I LOVE! Looks like you got some amazing finds!

    Get Up & Go

  4. I just went yard sale shopping this morning. Got a few clothes and toys for Ali. I love great deals!

  5. It's always fun to find such great items! No great finds here this week.


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