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Sunday, September 11, 2011

We Remember 9/11

How does one even begin to reflect on an event that changed the world and became our generation's defining moment? I was a senior in high school and this changed our senior year more than we could have known at the time. The little things took on greater meaning, everyone had a deep desire to do something to help those who had lost loved ones in the attack, and friends unsure of what to do after graduation went into the military ready and willing to fight for our country. My best friend is actually in Afghanistan right now serving in the Air Force spending his first year of marriage a world away from his sweet wife.

Ten years later I woke up early at 7:00 and felt the need to shower and get out of the house for some time alone. After getting gas and grabbing a couple of Sunday newspapers I decided to drive through town with no radio. I made a couple of stops to grab a few other items, talked briefly to my mom, and headed back home. I thought so much about that morning 10 years ago and how much we have to be grateful for. Thankfully we don't know anyone personally who lost their lives that day but that doesn't make this day hold any less meaning for us. Today is the first day since the week of September 11, 2001, that I have been able to watch anything about that day and the attacks on our country. Pardon the lack of pictures in this post but I can't bring myself to look for images to share. I'm sure we all have images burned into our mind from 9/11.

Chill bumps cover my arms as we watch stories of heroes whose bravery we knew nothing about until moments ago. My heart breaks for those looking for loved ones names at the memorial at Ground Zero. Ten years after losing their family members or friends the pain on their faces makes me feel like I am back home sitting with my sister and parents watching the news coverage  on September 11, 2001, unable to put emotions into words as we hear more tales of loss. Tonight as I attend a 9/11 concert I'm sure the tears will be flowing and my thoughts will turn to those whose pain I can't begin to understand.

We pray God will grant peace and comfort to those who lives were forever changed on 9/11. We will always remember...

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