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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My First 10 Mile Run!

I know the title leaves little to the imagination as to what we are celebrating on the blog today so I'll just get right to it. As I was sitting at Starbuck's yesterday I thought to myself "I bet I can run 10 miles". For most of you this probably doesn't sound all that crazy but I've never run more than 3.5 miles in my life, ever! I knew I could run a longer distance but I made excuses about how much more time it would take and how I would have to walk for parts of it and how I'm not that fast. If Allan had been home I'm pretty sure he would have thought I was crazy and possibly put me on restriction from Pumpkin Spice Lattes. After my trip to Starbuck's I came home, finished catching up on all of your blogs, and then I was ready to run!

My Before

I decided to attempt my 10 miles at the local community center where 12 laps around the indoor track = 1 mile. I knew better than to run somewhere unfamiliar or somewhere that if something happened I would be far from help. I stopped when I pulled up just to take this picture for you guys!

Our community center is on the left and our library (where I go for book club) is on the right
I did some light stretching but I planned to stop and stretch again after I walked a few laps and loosened up my legs. I was armed with my water bottle, Iphone, and camera because doesn't everyone take a camera to run?! After my first 3 laps I shed my light jacket, stretched, and started to run. I made myself stop after each mile to drink a few sips of water. There's no water allowed on the track so I had to walk into the stairwell where I stashed my bottle. I did stop my watch for all my water breaks because if I were running a race I would have grabbed a cup and kept running or if I was running outside I would have been running with water bottle in hand. By the end of mile 2 it was time to get rid of the soffee shorts and run in my Auburn performance shirt and my favorite spandex shorts.

Tigers Gym

Honestly I felt really good and ran a majority of the 10 miles. I did take breaks to walk 1-2 laps when I started to feel like my legs were getting tight. I would walk, stretch, and then run again. Somewhere around lap 75/120 I started feeling like I felt better running than walking and I could really tell I was finding my stride and setting a pace I was comfortable at. I don't run with music but they had music playing in the gym which was fine. I found myself barely paying attention to it because in order to not lose count of what lap I was on I was constantly repeating the number for the lap I had just completed in my head. I think this kept me really focused on holding my head up, keeping my shoulders back, watching my stride, and breathing normally.

Tide Gym
Miles 7 & 8 were the toughest because my right hamstring was feeling a little tight. I stopped multiple times to stretch and finally after one long stretch it seemed to be ok. I did my best to take pictures of my watch when I stopped for water after each mile but I didn't think to do this until mile 3 and I somehow forgot mile 9 but my splits are as follows:

Miles 1-3: Average of 11:44 per mile (pretty pleased with that since I walked 1/2 of the first mile warming up)
Mile 4: 11:28
Mile 5: 12:04
Mile 6: 11:43
Mile 7: 12:34
Mile 8: 12:57
Miles 9 & 10: Average of 12:13

I wanted to make it in under 2 hours so bad but I was :25 short
Now I know I'm not breaking any records anytime soon with these splits but after today I know I can run the 15K next Saturday and hopefully I will hit my goal time of 2 hours. Next time I run 10 miles I plan on shaving off those extra 25 seconds and staying under 2 hours. Being able to run 10 miles shows me that if I want to run a half marathon I can. I won't be running it in under 2 hours but I know I can run it and finish strong. I wish I had the time for my last mile because I'm pretty confident it was my fastest. I tried to run the entire mile at a pace faster than I had ran the previous 9.

Not nearly as red in the face as I thought I might be and it was pretty chilly in the gym so I didn't get as sweaty either
If Allan could just hurry up and come home I could start registering us for half marathons. I've got my eye on one in November and January!

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  1. Well done! Double digits hold a badassery that those single digit runs can't! ;) Congrats and have fun race stalking a Half!!!

  2. So proud of you -- that is such a huge accomplishment:)

  3. Amazing job! That is a HUGE accomplishment--I hope you are celebrating now and taking it easy!

  4. Way to go and really push yourself! That is an awesome accomplishment and a lot of times to run around the community center!

  5. That's amazing! I give you SO much credit for doing it on a track. That is SO HARD. Way to go girl!

  6. That's awesome! Congrats to you on this accomplishment - you did a great job at listening to your body and stopping to walk/stretch when you needed it. You are going to rock your 15K next week! :)

    Looking forward to reading about your 1/2 marathons! :) BTW, are you following Hungry Runner Girl's blog? She's one of my all-time running heroes...she actually ran a marathon ON A TREADMILL. If you haven't already checked her out, you should...she's so inspiring!

    I'm totally intrigued by that track/gym...I wish we had one of those around here! I don't like to run outside (I know, I know) because I prefer to run to music and there are some looney drivers out long runs outdoors are few and far between.

  7. Awesome job on running 10 miles!! You rock!!

  8. Suzy you did awesome on that 10 miler girl. You are going to rock that 15k on sat. Good Luck this wkend

  9. AWESOME!!

    I've always been afraid of any run longer than 5 miles. I always play the "I'm-not-fast-enough-I'm-not-good-enough-to-run-that-far" mind game and give up before I even start.

    This is great motivation!

  10. Awesome Job!!! 10 miles!! woot! woot!

  11. Wow! Congrats! 10 miles is actually my favorite distance. It is challenging without wiping me out. 13.1 is a bit far and 10k isn't quite long enough.


    Get Up & Go

  12. Holy cow!!!! That is AMAZING!!!! You've never run more than 3 and 1/2 miles and you just decided that you'd bust out 10?! That is awesome!!! I'm so impressed... I need to try that mindset out and just go for a 20 miler someday. haha... crazy! :)

  13. I am incredibly impressed that you ran 10 miles on a small track!!!! 12 laps = 1 mile?!?! That is so tough mentally! Good for you!

    You can 100% do a half marathon...and do it well!

  14. Holy cow, I am so impressed, Suz!! You are quite the inspiration!!


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