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Friday, September 23, 2011

Love Butterflies!

I'm finally responding to the post of Jenn's Adventures I was tagged in Labor Day Weekend. Better late than never huh?! This award is for being a Social Butterfly so I am completely flattered! I really do make an effort to read all of your posts each day and respond to everyone who comments on mine. Thanks for tagging me Jenn! I have referenced this amazing girlie's blog several times on my blog so if you haven't made your way over to her blog you should do it today.

Check out this picture of Jenn's! Who's ready to leave for HI now?!

Name Your Favorite Color: Blue (and orange when they are together!)

Heisman Poses outside Jordan Hare
Name Your Favorite Song: First Favorite Song ever was Garth Brooks-The River, can't say I have a favorite one at the moment. I'm pretty much hooked on the only Christian station we have here. It helps keep my road rage under control when the soccer moms make me crazy (See What Whizzes Me Off for more on that!)

Oh, the 90's. Photo credit here

Name Your Favorite Dessert: Betty Crocker's Supreme Bar-Cookie Brownie Bar. If you haven't scooped this delicious box mix off the shelf at the grocery store and made it for yourself then you are missing out! I love chocolate chip cookies and brownies so the two of them together is almost more than my little taste buds can handle!

Photo credit

What Whizzes You Off: Soccer moms driving their minivan or SUV through a 25 mph school zone driving 45 mph and talking on their cell phone while riding my bumper since I am driving 25 mph so as not to run over a child or get a speeding ticket

When You're Upset You:  Cry if I'm sleep deprived, eat chocolate if it's "that" week, journal if it's something I can't wrap my head around, or watch mindless TV

Priester's Pecans Fiddlesticks

Your Favorite Pet: Lucky (shhh, don't tell Sasha!). He's such a big softie and super snuggly! This dog is the epitome of unconditional love.

Is this not the cutest lab you've ever seen?!

Black or White: Black-I'm never tan enough to look good in white!

Who doesn't need another little black dress?

Best Feature: Legs but Allan would probably have a different answer which is why he isn't answering these...

Not the best picture but I'm always the one taking the pictures so I don't have as many of me

Everyday Attitude: I'm a Happy-Go-Lucky, Glass Half Full, Where God Closes a Door He Opens a Window Girl on most days!

Not the view outside my window but this is beautiful

What is Perfection: Being able to enjoy moments like this without a watch, cell phone, or internet

Creecher Cove, Bahamas

Guilty Pleasures: Books, books, and more books (no trashy romance novels)

My bookcase that my Daddy made years ago

Here's how it works: I tag 7 other people to share the same fun facts for the Butterfly Award!

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Ladies it's your turn!


  1. Ohhh I like this post!
    I must buy that brownie mix! It sounds fantastic!!!
    I'm a book lover too. My bookshelf is overflowing!

  2. Fun to read and learn more about you! I am a glass is half full kind of girl too and a book lover. Great legs btw ;) that isn't what my hubby would pick on me either.

  3. I pick black too! I think half my wardrobe is black...oops...I LOVE garth brooks also. He's amazing. I want to go to his concert in Vegas!

  4. I love love love the Heisman Pose!! Too Cute :)

  5. You should TOTALLY give spin a try! You don't need spin shoes at first. It can seem kind of intimidating if you've never done it but I transitioned from running to biking and my knees are SO MUCH BETTER. I still run. Just not as much.

    Get Up & Go

  6. I have never tried those Cookie Brownie Bars but they sound amazing! Love your dog! Learning about bloggie friends is so much fun :)

  7. Blue and Orange were our wedding colors!!!! So, I love them together, too. And books is seriously the best guilty pleasure... Next to running, it's my favorite activity! Cookie and Brownie together in a bar= perfection... oh wait... add a scoop of vanilla ice cream=ok, seriously perfection!

  8. This was such a fun post to read!! I also love Garth Brooks, especially The River! Thanks for sharing, xox!

    I just became your newest follower! I would love for you to check out my blog & follow back if you'd like! :)



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