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Friday, September 30, 2011

Finally Friday (& the Labor Day post I forgot)

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Now I realize that it is literally the last day of September and Labor Day seems like a distant memory for most of us but I really do want to share some snapshots of what turned out to be quite the weekend!

Jenn & Allan after the big surprise!

View from the back deck of the lake house
My dorm from freshman year where I met my best girl friend Caroline
Early in 2010 my friend Nicole came up with a wonderful idea to get our friends from Auburn Wrestling & Mat Cats together one football weekend a year at least (last year it was 3!!!) and I readily agreed. I was excited to check the football schedule and pick a date for the first reunion. As luck would have it people's schedules worked out to drive or fly in for two more weekends (LSU, UGA) and we cheered our Auburn Tigers on to an undefeated season surrounded by those we love!

Laying in front of Samford Hall-I took this same picture with Caroline when she graduated. You were there in spirit Caroline!

The boys with the lathe-Allan can give you a little history lesson on this! It's one of 2 in the world!

Our beloved Toomer's Oak
This year we nailed down Labor Day weekend for the reunion hoping to celebrate Auburn's first win, an extra day off, and Matt's birthday. The rain did its best to ruin our weekend but no such luck with this group! We had a great time and went our separate ways on Monday but lucky for us we had almost everyone at our house the next weekend for the Auburn vs. Mississippi State game!!!

This is just one of the 3 cabinets (plus the counter & refrigerator) we filled with groceries for the weekend. Hotdogs anyone?!
Momma's Love at Momma Goldberg's Deli AKA Momma G's-normally it looks much better than this but they mass produce like 1,000 of these on game days!!

Matt's Butterfinger Blizzard DQ Ice Cream Birthday Cake-yum yum!!
Every year we learn how to plan a little better for feeding this many people and each time we've learned a few more things to do or not do the next time. I'm already excited about next year and spending a weekend with our closest friends! As I type this I can't help but feel so blessed that even though we live in Atlanta, Auburn, Birmingham, Boston, Charleston, Gulf Shores, Houston, Huntsville/Madison, Maui, Nashville, and Orlando we remain close and find time for most of us to get together for this special weekend.

Hope you all get to spend this weekend with someone you love!


  1. Such an unforgettable weekend -- all of those lakehouse weekends are priceless, and I am so thankful to be part of them!! Today is the last day of the fabulous fall blog challenge, so I plan on recapping September soon -- even though October is tomorrow -- YIKES!

  2. How fun!! And that sub is monstrous!!! ... And of course, looks delicious and I'm totally craving one now... I should just get over it since I wouldn't be able to find one that big and awesome around here anyway. I bet I could find a cookie cake though... Mmmm. :)


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