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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

FFL Update & My Sister

Well, this week I can't report a win for both of us in Fantasy Football. Allan beat his older brother and I lost to my sister. It was close and literally came down to the end of the Rams vs. Giants game to know if I would win or lose but in the end she squeaked out the win 89-80. This week I play Allan's older brother and he plays one of our sweet friends who was a bridesmaid in our wedding. Let's keep our fingers crossed that we both get a win this week!


Since she beat me in Fantasy Football this week I thought it might be a perfect time to talk a little bit about my sister. We are 23 months apart (I'm the older one) and NOW we are really close. This was not the case when we were younger. We fought like cats and dogs until well after I left for college at Auburn. If not for each other I don't know that either of us would have ever gotten in trouble when we were younger!

Getting ready before Rachel's wedding
 From August 2008-May 2009 we actually lived together in Auburn with another of our friends. During that year I finished my thesis, graduated with my Master's, started my job, and planned my wedding. Rachel started a second bachelor's degree, started dating her now husband again (they had dated before), and realized that Biochemistry was not going to be her friend. The week of our honeymoon Rachel & Michael got engaged as did Allan's older brother Austin & Krista. In August of 2009 Rachel & Michael and Austin & Krista both got married. Most people have looks of shock and horror when we tell them that we got married in the same summer. Crazy, I know, but luckily we handled most all of the planning and details ourselves which kept the cost down and kept our parents from stressing too much over both of their girls getting married.

Rachel & her husband leaving their reception
Within 6 months of our weddings Rachel & Michael were stationed in Columbus, MS, and Allan & I had bought our first house in Madison, AL. In late July of this year Rachel & Michael moved to Navarre, FL, to their next base and they bought their first house. Although we live 6 hours apart now we talk almost daily and are constantly planning when we will see each other next. With the move to FL I have been encouraging Rachel to start a blog so if you want to encourage her to do so please leave a comment (she reads my blog and the comments) and/or a suggestion for a name for her blog. I love you Rachel even if I don't say it often!

Have a great Tuesday everybody and don't forget to enter Jenn's giveaway for a $10 Starbucks giftcard. You can read my post from yesterday for more details and to find a link to her giveaway!


  1. Ooooh, Rach you should definitely start a blog!!!! I would definitely follow:)

    Thanks for the giveaway shout out Suz! I can't wait for yours!!

  2. She should totally do it. There are two sisters at ReRun Running that did that. They live really far from each other but share a blog and get to talk and post every single day!!

  3. So great that you are so close to your sister. With my kids fighting so much, it gives me hope that they will be close some day!


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