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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fall TV Lineup

Hands up if you are excited for all of our shows to be back on TV. Ok, now that we are all in agreement, let's check out my fall TV lineup. First let me say that I don't watch all of these every week. More likely than not some shows will fall to the way side and I'll quit watching them and others I will watch online at some point later in the week.

New shows I'm watching this fall:

Hart of Dixie-new show on the CW that is supposedly based here in AL (After seeing a picture of her wearing an AL jersey my excitement has dropped but nonetheless I will be tuning in next Monday for the premiere.)

Find more info and pictures here
Next up is Revenge which premiered tonight on ABC and I love it! This has just earned itself a spot in my Fall TV lineup that I don't think will be replaced anytime soon. There's a yellow lab named Sammy in the show that I must say I am in love with since he looks like my Lucky. The show has a very mysterious edge to it that has me asking so many questions.

For more info check out ABC's page on the show
Not least but last is The Secret Circle on the CW. This is based on a series of books by LJ Smith (same guy who wrote The Vampire Diaries series of books that were made into a show on the CW two years ago).  I haven't watched the first episode yet and I have the books but I haven't gotten around to reading them yet. This may or may not make the cut for my fall TV lineup but since I watch The Vampire Diaries it will be worth checking out at some point.

Check out the CW page for more info

Old Favorites:

Castle-if you aren't watching Castle, you should be! This is hands down one of the best shows in YEARS! Both my husband and I love it. We change the channel from Monday Night Football to watch this (and you know that's a big deal for a guy to change the channel from football to a tv show).

Click here for more info on the show
Biggest Loser-it's not going to be the same without Jillian or my favorite contestants from last year but I'm excited to watch the 12th season of BL. I always find something inspiring in each and every episode that everyone needs to hear regardless of our shape or size. I missed Episode 1 so I am going to catch up tomorrow so I can figure out who my favorites are!

Bones-Everyone in my family loves this show and after last year's season finale I am on the edge of my seat waiting to see what happens with Bones and Booth. Unfortunately it's not scheduled to premiere until the beginning of November so I'm going to have to wait a little longer.

Grey's Anatomy & Private Practice-I have been watching both of these shows since their very first episodes and I really hope that this season of both shows is better than last season. I HATED the finale of Grey's and found myself really unhappy with where they had taken all of their characters. I'm not even sure there's anyone I like on the show right now but hopefully this season will help me fall back in love with a show that I can't imagine not having in my fall TV lineup. Private Practice saw a lot of changes in its season finale as well so I'm anxious to see how all of that will pan out as well.

Recent Additions:

NCIS & NCIS: LA-My parents watch both of these and they got me hooked on them when I was at home and got to see several episodes they had DVRed. I've seen several of the older NCIS episodes and I just don't know how anyone doesn't like Gibbs. I may or may not watch these shows on the nights they are on. I may have to catch up online later.

Body of Proof-the first season of this show was last year and even though I didn't like her in previous shows there's something about Dana Delany's character in this show that I love. Not to mention the guys in the show are pretty funny.

Check out the show page on ABC

Criminal Minds-Criminal Minds was back on tonight and the premiere was pretty good. I was multi-tasking while watching it so there a few things that I was a little confused about. Prentiss is back as is JJ and they are two of my favorite characters besides Morgan. It seems like this could be a season filled with surprises so I'm anxious to see what unfolds.

So when are all these shows on and what networks show them?
Monday: Hart of Dixie, WB, 8PM CST; Castle, ABC, 9PM CST

Tuesday: NCIS, CBS, 7PM CST; NCIS:LA, CBS, 8PM CST; Biggest Loser, NBC, 7PM CST; Body of Proof, ABC, 9PM CST

Wednesday: Criminal Minds, CBS, 8PM CST; Revenge, ABC, 9PM CST

Thursday: Vampire Diaries, CW, 7PM CST; Secret Circle, CW, 8PM CST; Bones, FOX, 8PM CST; Grey's Anatomy, ABC, 8PM CST; Private Practice, ABC, 9PM CST

What's in your fall TV lineup?


  1. I am SO EXCITED for fall tv!! My Fall TV Lineup will be posted on Monday -- and a lot of the shows you listed will be on there:)

    As you know I pretty much ONLY DVR my shows, so after catching up on blogs and letting the coffee do it's duty, I'm going to put on Wednesday night's winners;)

    PS: Hope your migraine is GONE GONE GONE!! No bueno! xoox's

  2. I love BL - I'll be curious to hear your take on the new trainers.

    Criminal Minds has long been a favorite of mine too (I've been a fan of Shemar Moore's since he was on the young and the restless back in the day. I totally just made myself sound really old...)


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