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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Bye Bye Allan, a Migraine, & My Truck's Birthday!

Well, if you had told me I would start my Wednesday morning at 4:30 AM I would have called you crazy. Allan knows I hate to wake up so early and he conveniently withheld his departure time until last night. Now in his defense I'm sure that he had told me before then when I would need to take him to the airport and at the time I was probably on here catching up on blogs so I was listening to him but not really hearing what he was saying. Shortly after 5 I left him at the airport to catch his flight to Houston which would then take him out west where he will be until at least Saturday and possibly until next Friday.

Allan was not very excited that I insisted on taking a picture for the blog
Now when I'm "husbandless" as I like to call it I normally keep the house extremely clean because I take my shoes off at the front door, don't leave things strewn throughout the house, and eat like a bird so the kitchen stays spotless. I also relish sleeping late and positioning myself directly in the middle of the bed for optimum sleep. All this is fine and dandy until something like a migraine strikes. After returning home before 6AM I climbed back into bed and when I woke up at 10 the pain behind my eye was a sure sign that a migraine was about to hit. Sure enough within an hour it was worse but I thought I could tough it out and at least get in my run this morning. (I even took the time to take pictures of myself before taking off!)

Tshirt, Nike shorts, and Pumas-pretty standard running outfit for me

This was really more to highlight how crazy my hair has been acting with all the rain
I've started walking out to the main street into our neighborhood and then running either the long loop or short loop and then repeating until I'm tired. I made it more than halfway from our house to the end of the street before the sunlight and movement made me feel sick and I was heading back to the house. It's really difficult to describe how debilitating a migraine can be unless you've had one. Nonetheless I am squeaking out a blog post before I let the drugs take effect and become completely useless.

10 years ago today I drove my beautiful truck off the lot. I was a senior in high school and it was a Friday afternoon after volleyball practice when my dad picked me up and we drove to the Chevy Dealership in Selma, AL. It had 3.3 miles on it that day when I first got behind the wheel and 10 years later she's sitting at a little under 135,000. In the last decade this truck has saved my life TWICE. I was rear ended my sophomore year of college and if I had been in a car I probably would have been crushed under the large truck in front of me . Later that same year I hydroplaned in Dallas and then got hit head on. Both the truck and I walked away (she was almost totalled). I plan to drive her until she dies and can no longer be repaired although knock on wood I have yet to replace anything but brake pads and a battery. Not that I wouldn't love to drive a 2012 Chevy Silverado off the lot today but my 2002 Chevy Silverado has been through a lot with me and I can't imagine driving anything else until her time is up.

Do you get migraines?
Have you had your truck, car, or SUV for a long time?


  1. On husbandless days I GET SO MUCH DONE. Haha. But when he is here I am much happier.

    I haven't had a migraine in a long time. I've actually only had one. BUT oddly, my sister had one this morning....what is going on in the air??!!

    Get Up & Go

  2. Migraines are NOT fun. Hope you are feeling better.

    I've had my SUV for just over three years and LOVE it!

  3. Aww, Allan is a trouper for letting you take a picture for blog purposes! We are so lucky our husbands are patient with us! :)

    I've been driving the same vehicle forEVER. Sometimes I think about getting a new car, but it's SO nice to not have a car payment and I'm pretty attached to my car. I bought her all on my own right after college and we've been through so much together! :) (But if I am being honest, I do fantasize about that new car smell!)

    I hope you are feeling better by now; migraines are horrible! Take it easy and get some rest!

  4. I enjoy being husbandless because i'm off the hook on cooking a 'real' dinner!
    Sorry about the migraine. No fun at all.

  5. I love cleaning the house when I'm husbandless. It's so much more 'fun' if you can call cleaning fun at all.

    I have gotten migraines since I was little. I recently got off my birth control (1 year ago) and that has greatly reduced them. I don't even get one a month now! Sorry that you got one!!

    I got my DVD and sweet card in the mail!! Thank you so much!

  6. Hope you're feeling better, Suzanne!

    We've had our Mercury Mountaineer longer than you've had your's a 2002 and we bought it in April of that year. It had 34 miles on it and almost every one was put on it by us test driving it. :) It never even made it to the front lot. We looked at it straight off the truck and bought it. Since we semi-retired it in 2005 when I got the used Suzuki, we've managed to keep the miles down...we're at about 90K now and it's still running beautifully!


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