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Thursday, August 18, 2011

World Vision Sponsors-Meet Edwin!

You guys I have been bursting at the seams to share this on the blog since we (translated I) made the decision to sponsor a child through World Vision and soon Allan was on board. In March 2010 my sister and I went to a concert here in Huntsville (thank you WAY FM for the tickets!) where we saw Kutless and Casting Crowns in the Until the Whole World Hears Tour. I felt really moved to sponsor a child but it just wasn't the right time for us. We had just moved up here and Allan was still looking for an engineering job but the thought of sponsoring a child never left my mind.

Isn't he the sweetest looking little boy?!
Fast forward to the week I spent at my sister's house. I was reading Hannah and Olivia's blog and Olivia and Ben (you can check his blog out here) talked about Ben running the NYC Marathon this November and shared he will be running with Team World Vision. The more they talked the more I was drawn in and felt like this was the push I needed to finally sponsor a child through World Vision. The icing on the cake is that Olivia and Ben are sending out prize packs to those who sponsor a child as well as doing a grand prize winner amongst all those who sponsor a child and that person will win a Skype call with the Ward family! You can click on both their blogs for details if you think sponsoring a child is something you are interested in doing. Ben's goal is to find sponsors for 26 children (one for each mile of the marathon) and I believe the last count I saw shows he is at 7 so help him out if you feel led to do so!

Our welcome packet with lots of info and pictures!

Our approach to sponsoring a child is simple. We coupon and watch for sales on several items so we can get the best deals on our groceries. I have updated my fancy Excel sheet of expenses to include a column on coupon savings. Our goal is to save at least $35 a month since that is what we will be spending sponsoring Edwin. We hope that you and yours will find a way to save money so you too can sponsor a child through World Vision.

Here's some info on our sweet little Edwin:
-loves soccer (sounds like he and Allan would get along great)
-lives in El Salvador (this is where Allan's younger brother served his mission)
-speaks Spanish (we both do as well even though I'm not nearly as fluent as Allan)
-his birthday is our dating anniversary which is August 23
-he is about to turn 3 next week!!!

We are excited to write letters to Edwin and his family and learn more about him and as well as sharing more about our family with him. His picture can be found on our refrigerator right above the handle so we see his little face often throughout the day. I feel blessed that we are able to do this for Edwin and I hope to be able to sponsor a second child sometime soon as my coupon skills improve. Shh, I haven't told Allan that yet...

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  1. Hello! I discovered your blog from Wife of a Dairyman. Kudos to you for sponsoring a child.


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