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Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Working Vacation

I don't know how many people upon hearing I was coming to FL for the week to visit my sister assumed I was on vacation. Sure, there's sun and sand minutes from the door but the computer has had a tight grip on me this week. I've been busier with my audits than I have in months and if you know me then you know instead of taking a few days off and not checking the database for audits I've been working in between shopping trips, running errands, and helping Rachel get the house organized.

With that being said tomorrow is Friday and I hope to make ZERO phone calls tomorrow. If people call me back then I'll be happy to do their phone audit but I'm knocking out these last 7 people tonight and keeping my fingers crossed for a 3-day weekend filled with a trip to Navarre Beach, a wedding where I'm going to see some of my close friends, and the start of our mini vacation. Here's to enjoying our mini vacation where I'm sure to be working on audits and Allan is sure to be working on his computer as well. At least we will be working from the beach!

Navarre Beach-Photo courtesy of FL Beach Photography

Nicole, Suz, Teri-love these girls!

Suz & Laurel-it's been waaaay too long since I've seen her

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  1. At least you'll be at the beach! Hope you have a great mini vacation!


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