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Monday, August 1, 2011

"What's Wrong With My Pole?"

"What's wrong with my pole?" asks Blair as everyone has dropped their lines into the water at our first stop. The captain soon announces to bring it back up and get ready to move to a better spot. Meanwhile Blair has enlisted the help of a deck hand in reeling hers back in only to discover that she has caught two fish. So, what's wrong with her pole? It's heavy because there are two fish on it! This was pretty much how the day went. Blair was catching two fish every drop that she caught something while Matt and Greg were in a competition about whose fish was the biggest. Allan and I traded off but mostly Allan fished and I took pictures, drank ginger ale like crazy, and ate 5 pills before I could function without feeling "throw up sick".

Blair's first catch of the day

Two for one!

Before all of this happened we were out on the deck watching land slip further from view and catching up on what had been going on with everyone. Below are pictures from our trip out to sea.

Matt looking very chill as always

Mini Sauntering Bovine, Little Blithering Penguin , Petite Sloppy Grouper (we came up with tribe names Friday night-thank you Allan)

Blair, Allan, Suz

Blair, Greg, Allan, Suz

Allan & Suz

Greg & Blair

Greg & Blair again
The rest of the time that we were fishing I was busy checking on everyone and taking pictures of their catches. Michelle and Will were fishing on the other side of the boat so it was a little more difficult to get around to that side and take pictures of them. It was really close as to who caught the most fish but Blair definitely had more catches with 2 fish than anyone else!

Will & Michelle fishing

Allan with one of his best catches of the day

One of my little fish that I caught

Will & Michelle fishing and not knowing I'm photographing them

Our fearless deck hand who did a great job responding to "Fish On"

Gathering around the bait bucket

Reeling in another good one

One of Greg's big catches of the day

Allan holding another one of his catches (sorry for cutting off the rest of the fish)

Another big fish Greg caught

Everyone fishing

Greg with a two for one

Blair with another good catch

Trying to get the fish to stay in the boat

Another one of our bigger fish of the day

Blair & Greg having a great time

Another one of the two for one catches
When we headed back I took a few more pictures and we were exhausted and hungry. Fishing is quite the workout as Blair reminded us reeling in her many fish. After our 6-hour trip came to an end we waited for the deck hands to clean and cut the fish and bag them up. We pulled into the first place with Seafood on the sign. It just so happens that we chose Hazel's Seafood Buffet which had a pretty good seafood buffet but not the best service. After eating in complete silence for a few minutes we were refueled and ready for the next leg of the journey. Some back to Auburn, some to Gulf Shores, and some to Navarre.

This was in front of Hazel's and being from Montgomery I had to take a picture

The cooler filled with all the fish everyone on our boat caught

Suz & Allan

Allan posing at the back of the boat

Allan doing some more posing

This was our basket of fish before being dumped out a second time

This was a great experience and loads of fun. I highly recommend going deep sea fishing if you haven't done so and I also recommend the Main Stay Suites in Pensacola, FL. For $80 we got the executive suite with a king bed in the loft, a queen bed in a private room, and a couch that pulled out to a double bed. It was really nice and plenty of space for the 7 of us. I can't leave out the trip to TJ Maxx/Home Goods that Michelle and I made on Friday night. $15 for Nike running shorts-yes please! A weekend with great friends, pretty amazing food, and good shopping is a fabulous start to my vacation!

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