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Friday, August 19, 2011

Ways We Save Money

Since I mentioned yesterday that I hope to save at least $35 per month in coupons I think it might be helpful to share some of our money saving tips and review some resources I've mentioned before. For most of our entertainment needs we look to Living Social and Groupon for savings on various activities such as mini golf, Fandango tickets, ballet tickets, and massages. You can read this post for more information on these two resources or click on the links above to sign up.

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One thing that we discovered earlier this summer that I haven't mentioned (or at least I don't think I have) is Ebates. I love this site! You can click on my link and earn yourself a $10 gift card after your first purchase of $25 which I can do just by ordering oil and an oil filter from Advance Auto Parts for my truck's next oil change. Here are the high points:
-You get paid for your online shopping. Going through Ebates site allows you to earn cash back from your online purchases.
-They mail checks every couple of months and so far we have received $30 just from this summer's online purchases.
-Take advantage of site to store people! Walmart, Lowe's, and Advance Auto Parts are just a few of the stores that we do site to store or order the items our local store has in stock and they have it ready for pick up when we arrive. It saves time and money!

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Now let's talk about the obvious way to save money: coupons. We try to get a paper every Sunday although sometimes I must admit we do forget. We had an incident with having the paper delivered so that option is out. I normally check the coupons immediately so I can see if we need to buy another paper. We normally buy multiple bags of dog food since dog food coupons for Lucky and Sasha's dog food only make an appearance every couple of months. This normally results in a savings of $4-$8 on 4 bags of dog food (they don't eat the same food, Princess Sasha is on a diet) which will last them 2 months. There are multiple items in our house that we use regularly that I know we can find a coupon for if we can wait a couple of weeks. Such items include: Tide, Cascade, toilet paper, Old Spice body wash, feminine products, Silk almond milk, Nature Valley granola bars, dog treats, household cleaners, yogurt, etc. This year we have already saved over $250 with coupons and I'm hoping to hit $500 before the year is over.

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I know I could save more utilizing online coupon databases and attempting to play the "drugstore game" but so far I haven't dived into either of those. One thing I normally do is check the Publix and Kroger sale ads and look on to see if I may have coupons to match up with the deals. I read her book and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to get started on saving money. She explains the "drugstore game", tells you how to make the most out of buying in bulk, and gives tons of strategies to stretch your coupon dollars. Check out her website or go online and buy her book. Getting back to store ads: I save a lot on the Publix BOGO deals (which I don't count in my coupon savings) on several food items that we eat regularly.

I hope this helps you save some extra money at your house! I'd love to hear if you have any other resources for saving money or if you have tried any of these and had success!

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  1. Another great coupon site....The Fugal Girls! It sends daily coupons to your email! All different kinds!


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