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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Upcoming Fall Races and Running Trials & Triumphs

As promised at the end of yesterday's blog about my Health & Fitness Goals and how I am doing with all of them I'm letting you all in on which races I've registered for this fall. I'm also going to share what's been going on with my running during this healthy living journey.

I thought this was beautiful-it's rare to find so many yellow leaves

When I started running in May the idea of running more than a mile seemed impossible but after a week or so I found I could run more than a mile. As the weeks progressed and I added .25 miles after each 4-week period I was able to run the increased distance with ease. Running 4-5 days per week was relatively easy to do and really set the tone for my days this summer. At the end of July we ran the Paint the Streets 5K where I set a new PR of 34:13 and successfully ran the entire distance.

One of my favorite fall scenes are orange and yellow leaves on a tree
 After this race we went to FL for the fishing trip. Then I spent a week with my sister and Allan & I took a short vacation. This translated to one night of running on the treadmill at the hotel and one short run around my sister's neighborhood. When we got back home I had one day where I ran 2  miles around the neighborhood. Last Friday I went to the gym and put in 2 more miles (even with the poison ivy on my foot) but that's been it. As soon as my foot heals from the poison ivy I'm planning to get back to my running schedule. The only problem is that I'm running a 5K this Saturday. I'm not expecting to run the full distance or be able to run it in an impressive time but I refuse not to run at all. There's a good chance that I won't be able to run between now and then and I hope my foot will be able to handle the race on Saturday.

Not our puppies but they look so cute in the leaves!

Without further delay here is my race schedule for the fall:
August 27, 2011: Running of the Bulls 5K (goal is just to finish)
September 10, 2011: Run Through the Roses 10K-cancelled (thanks for the info Jenn!)
October 8, 2011: Fleet Feet Monte Sano 15K (goal is 2 hrs)
October 15, 2011: Liz Hurley Ribbon Run 5K (goal is 32 min)

Having never run a 10K or 15K I'm setting my times high and hoping to come in under both of those. In order to get ready for the 10K and 15K distance I need to start increasing how far my longest run is. I plan to try to run 4 miles on my long run next week and get in a 5 mile run in the days leading up to the 10K the week after that. I will have a month to hopefully increase my longest run to 9 miles.

Any advice or guidance for training for either of these distances would be greatly appreciated! What's on your fall race calendar?


  1. running is such an endurance sport and your commitment to it is a beautiful thing! my husband is training for his first marathon so I know firsthand the dedication involved!

  2. I got super excited for the Sept. 10th race, but just found this disappointing news when I googled it:

  3. YAY! So exciting to have a list of upcoming races to look forward to! That is fantastic! I love being able to follow along on fellow runner's races...please keep us posted on how you do...and take photos so we can get the full-effect! ;) What is the longest distance you've ever run? If I can offer you any piece of advice, it would be to build your mileage slowly - give your body proper time to recover. If you've never run a 15K but have one scheduled for 10/8, make sure that you are building your mileage gradually between now and then. More importantly, listen to your body if it is telling you that you aren't ready!

    Last September, while training for a 1/2 marathon, I got a little too ambitious and built up my mileage too quickly. I ended up with a stress-fracture in my foot and had to bow out of the race SIX days before the event. I was crushed (and I still get sad thinking about it). :( The recovery was horrible - 3 months of NO running and my stamina/endurance was back to square one. But anyway...just be careful!

  4. CONGRATS on your upcoming race schedule!!! And what a perfect time to train- the fall! Your long runs are important as are your recovery days- make sure you cross train (yoga, cycling, weight lifting) and don't do too much too soon! :)


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