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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Thrift Store Tour

My mom spent a week with my sister earlier this month and every day I talked to them it seemed like they were finding another thrift store with a great selection of books and several books that one of us had been looking for. As I shared in a previous post we have a library in our house instead of a formal living room. My mom has been reading a series of Christian romance novels based in certain cities or states usually with a city or state for their titles. I've been buying these books for her birthday and Christmas for several years and we are always keeping our eyes open for older ones that were published before I started buying them for her. My sister has been reading Mary Higgins Clark and she's been able to find all of them but two so far. She recently decided to start reading MHC's daughter, Carol Higgins Clark, so we are on the search for those books. I read so much of everything that it's difficult to look for one author or genre in particular.

Some of my Thrift Store finds-average cost per book is $.50
Thursday-Saturday I spent several hours mapping out, researching online, and going to 15 thrift stores in the Huntsville/Madison area. Two of the stores (The Hangar and Ms. Sherry's New to You Thrift Store) have been closed but all the other ones were filled with books, furniture, knick knacks (my term for all things household but not necessary), and several other goodies that I didn't have time to check out. For today's post I'm going to share my thrift store finds as well as my reviews of each location.

1. Asbury Thrift Store-I found 11 books at this location. Their children's paperbacks are $.25, adult paperbacks $.50, and adult hardbacks $1. They have lots of clothes, knick knacks, and furniture as well. They recently moved to a new location that is really clean and very well organized. It's on my list of places to go back to.

Anita Shreve is a new author that I'm about to try

2. Greater Humane Society of Huntsville Thrift Store-I only found one book on this trip but I've found several there in the past. They have a great selection of books, clothes, and knick knacks but are limited on furniture due to space. Their proceeds support the Humane Society  so we will be shopping there again.

3. Goodwill Thrift Store-I only found one book here as well. The store was a little junky and their book selection was a little limited. They also had clothes, furniture, and lots of knick knacks. Not sure I will make the drive to South Huntsville to visit this one again.

The small books are a present for our niece's 1st birthday-books we think every little child should read
 4. Salvation Army-I found 4 books as well as a beautiful dark wood bookcase that was only $24. I was looking for a new bookcase because I have run out of space on the ones I have. I have found several books there in the past and will go back being sure to check out the furniture from now on.

This new bookcase was a great find at $24 at our local Salvation Army-real wood and beautiful detail at the top
5. Downtown Rescue Mission Thrift Store-In addition to finding 2 books here I also scored a great Yoga Exercise System DVD, book, and 26 flash cards. The cards will be great for when I travel and may not be able to use any of my DVD's. I'm excited to try the DVD soon! This is another store that I have been able to find other books at in the past so I will be going back.

My new Yoga Exercise System that I found for $1.99!!!
 6. SNAP Thrift Store-I found 6 books at this location and I was impressed with how many books they have to choose from. They also had some clothes and lots of knick knacks and collectibles at this store. It's on my list of places to go back to.

7. Neighborhood Store-Although I didn't find anything here it was a pretty nice store with books and a decent furniture selection as well as clothes and knick knacks. The prices I saw on items seemed a little high so I may not go back to this one.

8. Saving Way & Encore Furniture-these two stores are connected and the furniture selection and prices at Encore were comparable to that of other thrift stores. Saving Way was a little cluttered and I didn't find anything amongst the small book selection or knick knacks. Unless I'm looking for furniture I probably won't go back here.

Two of these are on the list for our local book club next year
 9. Habitat for Humanit Restore-They had a huge selection of items for home remodeling and a small selection of furniture but the furniture prices were amazing. I saw a set of end tables and a coffee table that were in pretty good condition for $25. They have a pretty good book selection but they are mostly older titles. There are also some knick knacks there as well. I probably won't visit this one again unless I'm on the hunt for a piece of furniture.

 10. ARK Thrift Store-This is the only thrift store I was really disappointed in and it wasn't the selection or the cleanliness but the rudeness of the two ladies working. I didn't do enough research to know whether or not all of these places took cash or if they took credit cards too. I don't carry cash so I was out of luck here and the ladies were rude about it. I had found a Thanksgiving garden flag that was $1 and I may go back for it. This thrift store supports the no kill shelter which is a wonderful cause and I wish I felt more compelled to return there to shop.

Several of these are gifts but Francine Rivers is one of my favorite authors
 11. Madison Thrift Store-This one had a great selection of books as well as knick knacks and furniture but what made my trip was the nice man working there. They are cash only and I had found one book that I really wanted but I only had $.35 in the bottom of my purse. He gave me the book. I insisted on giving him the change I had and assured him I would be back. How sweet!

 12. Breaking Free Thrift Store-My experience at this store made my day yesterday! They had the biggest book selection of all the stores as well as several pieces of furniture, clothing, and knick knacks.I found 4 books that I really wanted and when I got to the register and saw the sign about $20 minimum purchases on credit/debit purchases my heart sank. I knew I should have gotten cash at the ATM just minutes earlier but I didn't. The sweet lady behind the counter bagged up the books and told me she would cover it and to have a blessed day. She introduced herself as Becky and I will definitely be back on the day that she normally works to thank her and repay her for her kindness.

13. Sacks on 72 Thrift Store-not least but last is one of the best overall thrift stores I visited. It was very well organized and all their books were only $.50 apiece regardless of whether they were paperback or hardback. I also found a picture frame and the two fall decorations that I couldn't put down. This thrift store supports several local charities and is one I will definitely be going back to soon.

At $.50 apiece who could say no to these?!

All in all I spent $46.14 at the 9 thrift stores I made purchases at. The 36 books I purchased were a total of $17.99 making them $.50 apiece. What a great deal!!! I highly recommend that you get out and check out your local thrift stores. Even if you aren't someone who loves to read, will wear clothes from a thrift store, or needs a new piece of furniture you will probably be able to find something you want or books for the readers in your life.

Let us know if you have great thrift store finds of your own!


  1. Hey! I wrote a review for the Ursula Hegi book! I'm always excited to see a book I reviewed in actual circulation..8-) I also reviewed another Hegi book: "Tearing the Silence..." which you might keep your eye out for in the second-hand stores.

    I enjoy your site! (and thrift stores and books too).

  2. I love this post!!! Sounds like you had quite the adventure:)

  3. i love thrifting! isn't it addicting?

  4. I looove thrifting! I get most of my quirky clothes, furniture and books from thrift stores.

    Don't forget to enter my Coach purse giveaway!

  5. You found so many awesome deals!!! I love it! And I LOVE thrifting too :)Have so much fun this weekend and enjoy your 3-day weekend :)


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