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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Road from Auburn to Madison

Now I realize that fall is almost here and while some are pulling out their pumpkins, leaves, scarecrows, and other autumn decorations we are doing things a little differently at our house. Before we embrace fall we dive head first into college football season and get ready to spend our Saturdays cheering on our Auburn Tigers. Here's the story of how we got from Auburn to Madison-mostly our love story with a few side stories here and there.

Tailgating basket from my best friend Caroline & a football-we are set!
In the Fall of 2002 Allan and I started attending Auburn University. We met a week later and immediately I was attracted to him because let's face it he's hot. Straight out of high school soccer and wrestling (he also played football and baseball for several years too) meant Allan was cut and there's nothing that catches my eye quicker than nice arms. First I checked his shoes (which were Pumas) and then his arms and I liked both. Anyway, I spent my freshman year flirting like crazy and finally getting him to tell me he liked me in April. At that point he knew he was leaving in August to go on a mission to Barcelona, Spain. There was no point in us dating and I had my eye on a Marine and another couple guy who I had been dating so in August there were no hard feelings when we said goodbye. Over the next two years we wrote letters and emails and kept in touch. I couldn't get this kid out of my head!

Our new Auburn garden sign
Fast forward to August 2005 and Allan was home from Spain and anxious to start back to school in Auburn. I drove his older brother (who I hadn't met until I picked him up) from Auburn to Hoover for Allan's Open House. I will never forget what it felt like seeing Allan for the first time in two years. I can't say it was love at first sight (because I had spent an entire year at Auburn looking at him) but I knew I wanted to marry him in that instant and I was terrified! In two weeks he was living with his brother in Auburn and we were dating.

The new Auburn spinner-Allan hates it and I'm a little iffy so we will see if it lasts all month

That next year I finished my Bachelor's, Allan got back to work on his, Allan got Sasha for his birthday in April, and we spent our nights and weekends with people who it feels wrong to call friends. These people became our family. We love them as we do our own family and seeing several of them this weekend is going to feel more like a family reunion than anything. The Auburn Family is something that several people talk about it but many find it difficult to describe. Our Auburn Family is who we call in the middle of the night in crisis, drive hours to see even if only for a few hours, and don't have to talk to every day because even after months it's easy to pick up where you leave off.

Auburn garden flag out at the mailbox
In the following year Allan and I had our ups and downs (mainly downs) and were kinda together but not for 7 months and 19 days (not that I counted or anything!). These people stood by our sides and in April 2008 when we got engaged they were the first ones we wanted to see after talking to our families. The night of our engagement we went to Buffalo Connection (Buff Conn as we call it) for all you can eat wings and shared our good news. A little over a year later when we said "I do" on May 23, 2009, they were there with us. My favorite moment of the entire day was dancing to Shout at our reception. I took the time to look around at each of the faces smiling and laughing and I couldn't imagine having better friends than these people. This was the greatest gift Auburn could have given us!

Several of our Auburn Magnolia Lane pieces-check out the personalized one we got as a wedding gift!

Our first year as newlyweds I worked and Allan finished his Mechanical Engineering degree. I graduated with my Master's in December 2008 but didn't want to move from Allan so I took a job at a bank in Auburn. In September 2009 we made the decision to look at Huntsville/Madison for where we would move upon Allan's graduation in December. God had a faster timetable for the move and in October I transferred to a branch in Huntsville and spent a month living with a sweet friend who had been one of my roommates the two years Allan was in Spain. In September and October we had little time for anything but work, school, and house hunting. We drove up here on weekends to check out different places and the weekend I moved here we found "The One". I spent the morning looking at houses with our sweet realtor and the following day my parents and Allan met the realtor and I to check out my top three from Saturday.

I fell in love with this house the moment I stepped into the bathroom and admired the tiled walk-in shower, jetted tub, double walk-in closets, and double vanity. This 4-bedroom, 3-bathroom was going to be ours! On November 20, 2009, we closed and moved the first loads of our stuff in. The next day we brought most of our stuff from Auburn and several items that had been stored at my parent's house. That was our first 26-foot truckload and the second one wouldn't make the trip until Allan's graduation the next month.

Our other Auburn Magnolia Lane pieces
In the past two years as we have settled into new jobs, a new life, and our beautiful new house we have been blessed to have several of our friends come and visit us. In Auburn our houses were always open to to our friends who needed time to sort out things after a breakup, a couch to crash on so they wouldn't oversleep and be late leaving for a wrestling tournament, or somewhere to go when they needed someone to talk to. We have the same open door policy here and are always excited to have friends and family come to visit. Even though we have all (almost all) moved away from Auburn and started our lives and careers living states apart Auburn will always be home to all of us.

Auburn Birdhouse that my parent's gave us for Christmas last year
When we get together each fall for one of Auburn's home games we spend the weekend getting little to no sleep, recounting tales of our time at Auburn, and catching up with each other. Although several of us are able to make it we miss those who can't be there. In 20 years I hope we will all still be meeting up for a football game and spending a weekend at the lake. We love these people and our trips to Auburn mean so much more than a chance to watch our beloved Tigers play. It's our one chance to be together until the next football season.

Our entry table with another Auburn Magnolia Lane piece
To make a long story short that's how we met, started dating, got engaged, got married, and ended up moving to Madison from Auburn.


  1. I love it!! And I love that I'm part of that group! Love yah girl:)

  2. Love your love story! Isn't it great to have a group of friends that you can do life with? I mean really do life like you talked about. Have a beautiful day!


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