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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Our First Trip to Monte Sano State Park

Today after Allan and I got home from our vacation I suggested taking the rest of today for a "stay-cation" and take the dogs to Monte Sano State Park which is Spanish for Mountain of Health. The park was constructed between 1935-1940 while FDR was in office. He is one of my favorite presidents and I'm amazed at how many programs he started while in office that are still in use today. We only stayed for a couple of hours since Allan had a soccer game tonight but two hours was more than enough for Sasha. She was almost overheated when we got back to the truck but thankfully she was fine after drinking some water and having water splashed on her neck and back. Lucky could have gone 20 more miles if I would have let his leash go. He almost looked sad to get in the truck and go home.

Scenic Lookout View

Scenic Lookout View

Scenic Lookout View

It's important to hydrate before exercising in the heat!

Ready to hit the trail!

Allan and Lucky ready to go

Suz and Sasha are ready too!

Bridge and small creek where we let the dogs play

The view from another lookout spot

Sasha jumped on all of these and some had huge drop offs

Probably my favorite lookout spot

The trail in the woods
I tried to take as many pictures as I could but with Allan and I switching off with Sasha and Lucky it was always a gamble to try to turn the camera on and snap a picture before the dogs decided we had stopped long enough. The trip was not without injury (although it was minor) and it was actually me getting hurt instead of Allan. I had just started walking Lucky and I was following behind him walking quickly trying to look out for roots and rocks and apparently I didn't see one of the rocks in time. The next thing I knew I was on the ground and my hands, knees, and arm got skinned up. Thank goodness Lucky stopped or I would have been dragged through the dirt. He checked me and then went and sat in between Allan's legs almost as though he wanted to make sure Allan knew it wasn't his fault I got hurt. The only problem is that I landed on the side where I had my camera so I'm afraid it may die any day now but let's hope not. I landed mostly on that hip and it's already feeling a little sore so I can't wait to see what it's like in the morning.

Hopefully on our next trip I can take more pictures and get Allan to take more than one picture of me. We did a shorter trail today but plan to go back and do a longer one even if we have to take just Lucky. You would think he would be worse walking on a leash through the woods than Sasha is but he's content to go at our pace whereas Sasha thinks it is a race to get back to the car so she ends up running more than she needs to.

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