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Monday, August 22, 2011

Monday Kicks But I Kick Back

Normally I don't complain about Mondays (secretly I like them) but today was rough. The day began with a trip to the doctor to get some medicine for the poison ivy on my foot. I've been keeping it bandaged so it won't spread but the pain is getting to me and I know it's going to start spreading sooner rather than later. After waiting over an hour to see the doctor (my appointment was at 10) I was on my way to Target armed with 2 steroid prescriptions. Other than the waiting, this part of my morning actually went without flaw.

Credit for photo:

With medications in hand I ate lunch and left for TJ Maxx. I grabbed the mail from the mailbox on my way out and the badness started. Long story short I had to talk to my credit union, GAP, and Capital One. I got my overdraft fee reversed (no thanks to GAP), have a $20 credit on my GAP card for their mistake, and will be getting a new Capital One card since apparently a major retailer that I recently purchased something from had their credit card transactions compromised. I exercised a great deal of patience and restraint today and didn't yell at anyone (even the girl who told me I should have checked to see which account I was paying the bill from).

No one I know but funny nonetheless:
I got my revenge on Monday by crossing several items off my to do list, watching the latest disc of Criminal Minds that the lovely Netflix had waiting for me in the mailbox, and will now be spending the rest of the evening watching American Ninja Warrior with Allan. This show kept me entertained on Sunday morning from 1-4 AM when I couldn't sleep and my poison ivy was hurting my foot. Keeping my fingers crossed for my favorite guys to make it!


  1. Yikes - sorry to hear about your poison ivy; I've never experienced this but from what I gather, it is pretty painful! Hopefully the medicine will help to keep you comfortable.

    And just so you know, Mondays have always been my favorite day of the week, especially when I was still in school. There is something so gratifying about a clean slate; a fresh start on a new week - so many possibilities! :)

    Hope your Monday was happy! Enjoy the rest of your week!


  2. I enjoy kicking Monday in the ass!! I hope those steroids kick in pronto girl!

  3. I'm already feeling much better! Thank you!


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