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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Health & Fitness Goals Check-In

Good morning! It's an especially wonderful day at our house today with August 23 being our dating anniversary (today is 6 years since we started dating) and also Edwin, our World Vision sponsored child, is turning 3 today. Today I wanted to take a moment to review my Health & Fitness goals and let you guys know how I am doing. This helps to keep me accountable and it's my hope that it will encourage you all to set your own Health & Fitness goals if you haven't done so already.

Fifteen weeks ago I put pen to paper and devised a plan to get myself in better shape, be able to run (actually run, no walking) at least 3.25 miles 3-5 days a week, eat healthier, and hopefully shed the weight I've gained since we moved here in October 2009. From mid January-today I have lost 16 lbs and I'm only 11 lbs away from my goal weight.

In rating how I feel I'm doing with each of my goals I'm going to use GREAT to mean that I'm doing (or did) this as often as I should be and I feel like it's successful, GOOD to mean that I'm either doing it as I should or I can easily do it but not both, and NEEDS WORK are those which I'm struggling with. More likely than not I've been lazy about incorporating the ones that need work even though I realize what their benefits are.

Week 1: Track everything in my WW app-GREAT
Week 2: Run 1 mile 5 days a week-GREAT
Week 3: Drink 64 oz. of something each day-NEEDS WORK
Week 4: Earn 20 AP's per week-GREAT
Week 5: Take a multivitamin at least 5 days a week-GOOD
Week 6: Run 1.25 miles 5-6 days per week-GREAT
Week 7: Do pilates once per week-GOOD
Week 8: Earn 25 AP's per week-GREAT
Week 9: Eat 5 fruits/veggies per day-NEEDS WORK
Week 10: Run 1.5 miles 5-6 days per week-GOOD
Week 11: Weight training 2 times per week-NEEDS WORK
Week 12: Drink 64 oz. of WATER each day-NEEDS WORK
Week 13: Do yoga once a week-GOOD
Week 14: Run 1.75 miles 5-6 days per week-GOOD
Week 15: Do pilates 2 times per week-GOOD
Week 16: Try one new recipe per week-THIS WEEK
Week 17: Bike 4 miles once per week-NEXT WEEK

After working the bike into my routine next week there will be no new additions so from there I need to focus on doing more of what I'm doing and putting the extra effort into the above items that NEED WORK. I have gotten a little behind with vacation and I need to get back on track with drinking enough water, taking my multivitamin, eating enough fruits and veggies, and being sure that I'm doing weight training, pilates, yoga, and running as I should be.

These 40 weeks will take me into February 2012 and I hope that 2012 will be the year I run a half marathon but I'm getting ahead of myself. Tomorrow you can check back and see what my Fall Race Calendar looks like and I'll share some of my triumphs and struggles from the past 15 weeks of running as well as my goals for these upcoming races.


  1. Happy dating anniversary! That's so awesome that you are sticking to your health and fitness goals. Looking forward to seeing pics of that half marathon next year!

  2. Sister........... the Sunday after Thanksgiving = Seattle Marathon!


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