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Monday, August 29, 2011

Domestic Monday

Good morning everyone!

In case you missed the post yesterday check it out. I set a new 5K PR this weekend in a race I was just trying to finish. Other highlights of the weekend included a late lunch at Olive Garden yesterday and my foot injury. Soup, salad, and bread sticks have never tasted so good! Allan and a friend had the unlimited pasta, salad, and bread sticks and really enjoyed their meals as well.

When we got home from lunch Allan replaced a couple of steps on the back deck and I tested out the dog's new leash that I can hook both of them to. Within 60 seconds I managed to find a small piece of brick in the yard with my bare foot cutting the arch of my foot and leaving me unable to walk for a few minutes. Allan came to my rescue and helped me inside where I could check out my foot that was already bruising and get a bandaid. The good news is that the dogs love walking together so hopefully I will take them for a walk this week on their new leash. Last night we went to the movies (guy's choice) and the guys seemed to enjoy 30 Minutes or Less while I did not find it funny at all. Generally if it's rated R I should probably just sit it out because I can't even tell you a movie I like that's rated R. Allan will be making it up to me and going to see The Help this week but he doesn't know that yet...

Did you know this star of The Help is an Auburn Alum?

Today is going to be a very domestic day for me. I'm staring down a load of towels, 6 loads of laundry, a kitchen with dirty dishes on the counter, and a house that desperately needs vacuuming and swiffering thanks to Sasha and Lucky. Not to mention the various items Allan and I have both left out around the house that need putting away. Lucky for me, Allan does his own laundry so all 6 of those loads are mine. With tomorrow being my full day of volunteering at the hospital I know I need to bite the bullet and get it done today so I can relax on Wednesday and pack for the lake Thursday. Friday starts what will be an epic Labor Day weekend for us and our closest friends as well as Auburn's season opener on Saturday.

Have a great Monday! Tomorrow's blog post is going to recap my trip to all of our local thrift stores so be sure to come back and check out my great finds and reviews of each location.

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  1. I'm going to procrastinate my domestic duties until Wednesday! =)


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