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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Dog Days of Summer

After 4th of July I shared some of the great pictures Adam took of Sasha and Lucky and today I wanted to share a few more. As the summer winds to a close Sasha will want to spend more and more time outdoors enjoying the cool weather and Lucky will be happy to be wherever Sasha is. These summer days will be cherished and thought of often when the winter settles in and the snow hits the ground.

Sasha is quite the jumper when we get ready to throw the ball

Lucky running with the tennis ball

Sasha taking a time out

This one is a classic lab pose in my opinion

Sasha with the tennis ball

Lucky's sad face (Sasha probably had the ball)

This is what Sasha normally does when she gets the ball

I love watching them run

Floppy little ears

This one just makes me laugh-Lucky looks like he's stalking something and Sasha is running sideways
We hope all of you are taking the time to enjoy the rest of the summer by spending some time outdoors with your pets. Our precious dogs provide hours of entertainment for us and their unconditional love is something I have yet to find words to describe. Enjoy your Sunday afternoon!

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