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Thursday, July 14, 2011

What a Wednesday!

Yesterday while volunteering at the hospital I was doing what I normally do during my shift: keeping the waiting area clean and comfortable for the families who make it their second home while their loved one is in Intensive Care. I threw away a fast food cup (that was empty) and out of nowhere a lady walked up and fussed at me saying that she was saving that cup. I apologized and she turned around mumbling "It sucks to be you". I bit my tongue and thought to myself that if it stinks to be me then I'm ok with that. It took a lot of self restraint to keep myself from saying anything to her or at least to set the record straight and let her know I'm a volunteer. Later I overheard her telling someone that she was starting a second job because she was having difficulty paying the bills. At this point I felt sorry for her and realized that her displaced anger toward me probably had more to do with her and what's she going through and less to do with her cup being thrown away.

After my shift was over and I had eaten my salad (amazing by the way-I don't complain about hospital cafeteria food!) it was time for my date with the gym. I started off with the Couch to 5K Week 4 Workout 2 which was fairly easy for me to do. I still have Workout 3 to do on Friday and next week I'll move to Week 5. I don't think I explained the workouts in my previous post when I mentioned this so I'll cover that now:

Week 4 Workouts 1-3
0-5 (min) Warmup walk
5-8 Run
8-9:30 Walk
9:30-14:30 Run
14:30-17 Walk
17-20 Run
20-21:30 Walk
21:30-26:30 Run
26:30-30 Cooldown walk

Monday I walked at a speed of 3.5 and ran at 5.5 and yesterday I walked at 3.0 and ran at 5.0. It was too soon after eating lunch for me to feel like running too fast for fear of throwing up at the gym.

After I finished my 30 minutes I walked for an additional 10 to clear my head and get ready to do weights. I can't begin to tell you which machines I used but I did weights for 30 minutes before calling it a day. Tomorrow I'm back to the hospital for another volunteer shift and back to the gym for another workout. Today I'm hoping to run but the grass needs cutting and it's super hot outside so I may be done for the day when I get through sweating buckets outside!

Meanwhile Allan worked 10 hours yesterday. He's reallly busy this week and next week so by the time I see him at night (which was almost 10 last night) then it's bedtime. Here's to hoping that this weekend will be fun and relaxing for him!


  1. How cool that you got to hear that lady say she was having difficulty paying bills. I think it's so powerful when those paradigm shifts happen.

    My bro-in-law did that couch to 5k also. Do you like it?

  2. how cool that you are doing couch to 5K too, thanks so much for commenting on my blog. :) I will say, though, that if week 4 was easy for you, we are NOT at the same level! HA!! This exercise journey is VERY new for me, I am not athletic, just need to lose 20-30 pounds...I have a ways to go...and it is kicking my butt!! HA!! But I so appreciate your letting me know you are doing it too...I hope you will post about it some more!!


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