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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sometimes you just have to laugh...

As Allan and I know all too well sometimes you just have to yourself and the silly mistakes you make day in and day out. Last month when we went to North Carolina for our niece's first birthday I left my cell phone charger behind when we headed home. This past week Allan left his cell phone charger in the hotel in California. Today we both realized that he went back home yesterday without keys to his car that are in my purse (all 3 of them and both clickers). My car is in Montgomery so he doesn't have that as a second option to drive this week while I'm in FL without him. Luckily there's one key to his car at our house that's stripped and takes a few tries to get the car going but it will eventually work.

This in combination with my lost jewelry that's still hiding out somewhere in our house could make for a good cry.  Instead we are going to laugh and I'll  be making a visit to Rachel and Michael's closest post office to send him a key via first class letter so he will have it by Wednesday. There's no place I hate worse than the post office so this is not how I envision spending my Monday morning but I'm confident that a trip to TJ Maxx/Home Goods in Pensacola will lift my spirits in no time!

Looking forward to sharing stories of our Deep Sea Fishing Adventure with all of you tomorrow!


  1. OH NO!!! I hate it when that happens--but I'm glad you two are laughing:) And I'm soooooooo super duper stoked to read about the deep sea fishing recap--hoping for lots of pictures;)

  2. Oh man I HATE situations like that....and they seem to always happen to me. I may or may not be a little too forgetful ;)


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