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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Outlet Shopping at Its Finest

For those who know me personally there is nothing I love better than GAP and Banana Republic Outlet stores (both were go to stores on every Spring Break trip with the girls). I will not purchase anything without a coupon that's at least 25% off my total purchase and more likely than not I still won't buy many items that aren't on clearance. Our trip to the GAP Outlet yesterday was my best day of outlet shopping to date. We left the house armed with a 30% off our total purchase coupon and after a lunch stop at Chick Fil-A we were shopping!

I love cows and beef but the Chick Fil-A cows are too cute!

Allan and I use the divide and conquer method when we hit stores meaning he looks for clothes for him and I look for clothes for me and then we head to the dressing room, try on all our finds, and the other one gives a yes or no on how it looks. Sometimes I'll look through the men's section and pick out things for Allan and he will do the same for me in the women's section. This usually results in me trying things on that I would never think would look ok and they end up being some of my favorite clothes before too long.

Yesterday when we met at the dressing rooms our arms were loaded with clothes and after our dressing room fashion show I was armed with several items I felt like I had to have that were ALL (that's right, every single item) on clearance. Well, yesterday all their clearance items were an additional 30% off so I knew everything I had would be super cheap. I have several shirts already so I limited myself to a tanktop that was going to be less than $1 and two longer V-neck short sleeve shirts that I knew would be less than $4. Having lost weight recently (but still not at my goal weight) I'm at odds with most of my shorts. I refuse to wear clothes that are a size too small so I can't quite wear most of my summer shorts yet. I have one pair of bermuda shorts that I bought during our last GAP Outlet trip and I found the same ones in brown during this trip (they ended up being less than $8). I also found a pair of white and gray shorts that were a medium length and cost less than $13 and two pair of shorter linen shorts that were $9 apiece.

Linen shorts in orange and cornflower blue

Brown bermuda shorts (they look gray in this pic-sorry!)

White and gray medium length shorts

Being the lover of accessories I am I also found a bronze clutch that was $4 and a pair of blue sandals that were $7 that will be great additions to my closet. While purple is a color I despise I did see a purple cotton dress that looked super comfortable, fit great, and was less than $6 so I got one for myself and my sister. She's a redhead so anything purple or green is usually a great addition to her wardrobe. I also went out on a limb and tried on some skinny jeans. I always felt like I wasn't small enough for skinny jeans or that they wouldn't look right on me but I was sooo wrong. I bought a size that fit (and didn't get mad that it was a size larger than everything else I bought) and I got them in an ankle length and a long length so I can wear one with flip flops or flats and the other with heels. They were $6 each-yes $6 apiece for dark wash skinny jeans!!!

Blue sandals

Bronze clutch (sorry it looks gray with the flash)

Not least but last is my best deal of the day-a teal print one piece bathing suit that was a steal at $1.89! Normally one piece bathing suits and I are not friends because I have a long torso and most are not made for people with long torsos. This one fit perfectly and the pattern makes me look super skinny! Allan was a fan as well which is always nice (he never lets me buy something ugly-brutally honest is a good description for him when it comes to clothing). Allan got more clothes than I did but most everything was for work. He will be spending a lot more time traveling this fall and will be indoors and outdoors so he needed more shirts that he can layer depending on what's he doing and what the temperature is. He found 5 button up long sleeve shirts, 4 long sleeve waffle knit shirts, 8 colored undershirts, a swimsuit, navy shorts, khaki cargo pants, and a reversible belt.

New swimsuit!

We also went to a couple of other stores and I managed to find a pair of brown pumps for $1 (yep $1) and a pair of what I like to call Greek goddess sandals for $9. It's only taken me a year to fnd a pair of these that I like. I can't handle the ones with a zipper on the heel because my heel is really narrow and it's been difficult to find a pair that buckles on the side and doesn't cost a small fortune. I had these precious shoes on my feet 5 minutes after leaving the store.

My $1 pumps

Greek goddess sandals!!!
Drum roll please.....after careful calculation I found that we got 37 items that retailed at $1093.10 for $361.54 for a total savings of 67%. My 15 items were a total of $105.72 which is amazing to me seeing as how my bathing suit started at $44.99, tank top at $19.99, and one pair of skinny jeans at $44.99. By far my best outlet shopping trip ever and a great reward for all the extra hours we have both been working the past couple of weeks!!!

All my great finds!!!


  1. WOW!!! Your findings AND savings are ridiculous!! I'm so excited for you--buying new stuff, especially at dirt cheap prices always feels amazing:)

  2. DAAAAAANG GIRL! I am SO jealous right now! I can't wait to be your shopping buddy in ONLY 6 more months:) I might need to borrow those orange shorts and those blue shoes! TOO cute!!


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