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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My Crazy Dreams

After reading this post I thought I might just have to share my crazy dream from last night. First let me begin by saying that crazy dreams are nothing out of the ordinary for me. I, unlike many people, remember several of my dreams for hours after I wake up. Allan gets to hear all about them first thing in the morning and the looks he gives me are priceless as I recount my dreamy adventures that sound nothing short of bizarre.

Last night was no exception. The dream began in a hotel from the 1920's where I was staying with several girl friends in a suite for some type of formal event. Somehow I had set my eye on Chris Hemsworth (apparently the guy who plays Thor) but unfortunately for me so had Danneel Ackles (I watched her in One Tree Hill where she played a mean girl).  In my dream I don't recall actually even talking to him but he apologized when he saw me in the hall of the hotel walking arm in arm with her. In the dream I remember thinking that his eyes were so sad. I don't think I even made it to the formal event because I was having such an issue finding my hair brush, straightener, make up, and dress in the room. Everyone had left me to get ready alone and nothing was where I left it.

Chris Hemsworth

Danneel Ackles

Fast forward from that part of the dream to the 1940's or 1950's where I am apparently walking from farm to farm looking for someone. At one particular farm that I stopped at to spend the night in the barn they had several race horses and the son of the owner resembled someone I know in real life but couldn't place. In this part of the dream I have long blonde hair that's perfectly straight and practically shines in the sunlight. Allan made a guest appearance in this part of the dream and I had the feeling I knew him when I saw him but we never spoke and he stayed in a different barn on the farm. I woke up just as I was waking up in the dream being called out to breakfast. In my dream I was anxious to see Allan at breakfast and discover how we knew each other.

Often I can explain how most everything or everyone makes it into my dream and here's what I have for this one: I do actually want to see Thor while it's at the $1 theater and I had looked up showtimes yesterday. I saw One Tree Hill was on last night when I was flipping stations and I paused long enough to read the episode description and move on. Sunday we drove back roads to and from Columbus and there were several farms and pastures that seemed to look exactly as they would have 50-60 years ago. The last items that we packed into Rachel's car Sunday were her formal dresses that we were very careful not to wrinkle. The only part I really can't explain is why I was a blonde in the second part of my dream. I definitely wouldn't want to be blonde and I don't dye my hair so I don't know.

Sorry for being so random today and talking about dreams but that's what happens when Allan flies off to San Diego leaving me at home with the dogs for the week and I'm left to entertain myself. I get bored quick and apparently my mind wanders. I'd love to hear about crazy dreams you might have!


  1. This is awesome! You should start a "Dreams" label/category and document all your dreams since you remember them so clearly!! I however DO NOT remember them almost the second I wake up! If I do remember anything, I usually can't explain it!

  2. I really can't imagine you as a blonde...and wouldn't want to. You are simply beautiful just the way you are. :)


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