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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Mid-Week Check-In

Hey everybody!

Wednesday (Hump Day) has come and gone so it's downhill from here! I'm already looking forward to a weekend where we have nothing planned with the exception of church on Sunday. This morning I tackled the yard before the rain got here and I got it cut just in time for some summer showers that came through before lunch.

We are very lucky to have a $1 movie theater here and this afternoon I made my first trip (by myself I might add) of the summer to see Something Borrowed. I had read the book a few months ago and really enjoyed it. The movie was just as good as the book-normally I end up liking one or the other better but I would say this one is a tie. I think it's a pretty good date night movie with enough comedy to keep the guy's attention and enough romance to make us ladies fall in love with Dex or Ethan.

Cover of the book

My favorite scene from the movie-I could see some of my friends doing the same thing!
Tonight I ran once I got home and broke my personal best times for a mile and 1.25 miles! I haven't run the last four days with the long weekend we had so I was really happy with that. Allan thinks he needs to work out tomorrow but one word from me about dry sockets and he's rethinking working out so soon after surgery. Nothing on my agenda for tomorrow so if I don't have any work to do then I might make another trip to the $1 theater to see Soul Surfer. I'll keep ya posted!

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  1. Oooh, I wanted to see Soul Surfer--if you go tomorrow, let me know how it is! ...I'm sad we can't go together!


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