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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Life in Spite of Me Book Review

Life in Spite of Me by Kristen Anderson with Tricia Goyer gives great insight into the mind of a struggling teenager girl unable to find a way to deal with what seems like insurmountable pain and suffering in her life. I expected as I read this book cover to cover in one sitting that I would understand more about why she attempted to take her own life. Even though there was background given I felt that there were things intentionally left unsaid and circumstances leading up to this moment that were only briefly discussed. I couldn't help feeling a little unsatisfied when I closed the book and reflected on the story that had unfolded. Overall it was okay and I would recommend it. This is the first novel I've read written from this perspective and in that respect it was very enlightening.

I received this book from Waterbook Multnomah in exchange for my honest review. Please take a chance to rate my review on their site by clicking here. You don't have to be another reviewer to rank my review. Thank you!

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