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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Another Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

This morning I heard Allan's alarm and after the typical 10-15 minutes it takes him to convince himself he has to wake up, I heard the bathroom door gently close. What seemed like 20 minutes later I woke up and took Rider (I'm dog sitting for 2 weeks-that's another story) outside. The grass was still wet with morning dew, birds were chirping in our Bradford pear trees, and my Gerbera daisies were leaning over reminding me to water them if I expected them to stand up in the morning heat. A couple of cars with people leaving for work made their way down the street and out of the neighborhood. After a few minutes I was back indoors and grateful for the air conditioner.

It's not every morning that I notice these things as I water my flowers. Too often I am busy planning my day in my head already anticipating things that I need to get done and not taking time to appreciate what's right in front of me. Don't get me wrong I have a lot to get done today especially since I've invited people over to watch the All-Star game tonight but I'm trying not to rush the day away and find joy in the little things of today.  I'm even going to find joy in vacuuming the dog hair that seems to take over the house in such a short amount of time. I may get tired of cleaning up after them but who wouldn't love these dogs?!

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