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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Yard is Finished!!!

Three weekends of back-breaking work later both flower beds have been revamped with new weed barrier and black mulch. There's no more grass, I mean weeds, growing around my rose bush and other bushes in the small bed. The larger bed which is home to our hosta and azaleas has been transformed and finally has space to plant flowers close to the front steps. Thanks to our new 24" broom our sidewalk in front of the house is free of dirt and looks so much better!

After digging out the grass/weeds

Nothing like working around thorns!

Weed barrier is our new best friend!

Waiting for Allan to cut it and tack it down

Ahh...a haven for my rose bush!

Looks like a completely different space

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  1. don't you just love a freshly mulched bed?!


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