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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

We're Halfway There!!

It's the end of June people and that means we are halfway to Christmas and my birthday! This also means the year is half over and I can't help but wonder where it went. Six months ago my grandmother had just passed away and Christmas had come and gone with only our tree lit with blue and orange lights to show that it was the holidays at our house. We were preparing to travel to AZ to see our Auburn Tigers play for the National Championship and we had just bid farewell to a sweet friend who had left AL to return to HI. Now before you ask yourself why anyone would move from HI to AL just remember that love is a powerful force. Today is this sweet friend's birthday and I miss her every day.  We hope your special day is perfect and we love you so much!

In the spirit of being halfway there I'm also halfway to my weight loss goal!!! 13 lbs down and 13 to go!!! Since laying out my health and fitness goals I really feel like I've made some progress. I can run at least 1.25 miles with no stopping and no walking. That may seem like a short distance but when I started I felt that I had to stop after .25 miles. This morning I beat my personal best mile time and was a few seconds off from beating my best time for 1.25 miles. I'm eating a lot more fruits and vegetables (especially fruits) than I have in a long time and I feel a lot more healthy. Losing the weight has been a nice bonus! Exercising 5 days a week has given me a lot more energy and when I'm tired it's a good tired knowing I've been active that day.

Here's to the second half of the year and losing the second 13 lbs!!!

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  1. Where has the time gone?!!? And yes--love is definitely a powerful force;) I miss you all every day, too, girl! Today has been perfect--and could only be better if you all were here with me!! Love you guys!


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