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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Master Bedroom and Yard Before and Afters

Last week I logged quite a few hours outside cutting the front and back yard, weed eating the back yard (until I broke the weed eater), shoveling and sweeping away the dirt and grass from the edge of the sidewalks, and tackling the long overdue flower beds. I started by pulling up the old weed barrier and nasty red mulch that you can sorta see in this picture below. This picture also has the small trees that I ripped out last fall that had found a home in the flower bed.

 This was Step 1 where I had pulled out the weed barrier and mulch.

 Next I laid down the new weed barrier being careful to cut slits for the existing plants and then securing the edges of the weed barrier around the base of the plants.

 Finally I laid down 17 bags of the new black mulch we got at Lowe's. My fingernails are still black underneath but it was totally worth it. I think it looks amazing with the new mulch!

 Today I picked up these zinnias from Wal-Mart (Wal-Mart and I have a good relationship with plants!) to replace the tulips that are done for. I loved all the bright summery colors in these four bunches and for $4 you can't beat it!

 Hobby Lobby had a great deal on this American flag to replace our faded and torn Auburn flag that has seen better days. As much as we love Auburn summertime for us is about celebrating our freedoms, being grateful for those who protect that freedom, and enjoying the simpler things in life like watching lightning bugs and listening to the birds chirp.

I believe I mentioned last week that I found a few pieces to complete our master bedroom. I've been on a search for bedtime table lamps that weren't too big, too small, or too expensive. I finally ran across this pair at Ross for $16 apiece. What a great deal! In that same trip I found a beautiful piece of metal artwork that I knew Allan would like. We have a similar piece in our den and dining room. Here's what our master bedroom looks like before and now:

 This bedside table lamp Allan is one I've had since freshman year in the dorm. It's a great lamp but not for the master bedroom.

The lighting isn't very bright because I was trying to take a picture on my phone with just the lamps on but you get the general idea.

 This is a much better shot of the new look for that wall (and the new lamps) looking from our bathroom into our bedroom.

Our lamps! I just love them and they complement the bedding, wall art, and our curtains perfectly!

That's all for now but I've got a lot more to write about so I'll try to get another post up tonight or in the morning!

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  1. I love the plates hanging above the bed with the sconces on the side, so pretty!! And the lamps look great too. You've inspired me to get some work done in our yard and garden, it needs a lot of help!


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