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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Joy of Raising Sasha and Lucky

The past couple of days after I wake up and make our bed I have ventured into the garage to find Sasha stomping in front of the food bowls and Lucky running around in search of his tennis ball or "tenni" as we call it in our house. As soon as the food is in the bowls, Sasha is busy devouring hers and Lucky is looking at me lovingly wagging his tail. He wants nothing to do with the food and if it were up to him I would start my day throwing his "tenni" around in the garage for him to catch and bring back. Yesterday and today I had to take the tennis ball from him and put it away in order to make him eat. Every time he would stop eating and this happens after every couple bites I have to tell him, "You need to eat if you want your 'tenni' back."

Ten minutes later he finally finishes his food and Sasha goes behind him to be sure the bowl is clean and there are no crumbs for her. Lucky meanwhile is sitting patiently waiting for me to give him his tennis ball back. As soon as he sees it he wags his tail furiously and waits for me to throw it. After a couple of tosses the game is done and I start my coffee and pop my bagel in the toaster.

The dogs live a hard life as you can see...

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