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Thursday, June 2, 2011

In need of a little laugh?

I think we all need a good laugh from time to time and what better way to get in a laugh than a funny story or a hilarious picture. Today you are going to get both! As I eluded to in this post there's a Spring Break story from our freshman year that I was going to share. Let me start at the beginning and say that I had been crushing on Allan for at least 6 months at this point so when I mentioned SB plans and he said he might be able to come down for a couple of days I was giddy with excitement. I had just one a free month at the Ladies Gym in Auburn and had started going to the tanning bed (very bad for my skin, I know!). I made good use of every one of those days of free gym time and by the time SB rolled around I was tan, fit, and skinny.

Allan graced us with his presence for a couple of days and acted weird the entire time he was down there. He would hardly make eye contact with me and even when he left to drive back it seemed like getting him to hug me was going to take an act of Congress. Now, Allan always tells this story differently but he has no witnesses. I have two that will testify to his behavior! I realize this story is probably only funny to those who know Allan but if you didn't get a laugh from that then I hope these pictures will at least get you smiling!

Sasha in her pool

Allan with the Iron Man mask on

A dog painted like a tiger

Sasha in her laziest moment

If timeless elegance is a see-through shirt, Jackie O is rolling in her grave right now!

All the pumpkins I bought to decorate our porch for Halloween. Total cost = $16!

Sasha's favorite place to sit at MiMi's

This is probably only funny to those who have worked at a bank because the customers never pay attention to this

Church Gone Wild sign next to the Waffle House-I have now seen it all!

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