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Friday, June 10, 2011

Health & Fitness Goals

It's Friday and at our house that means that there will be no cleaning this weekend (since I cleaned the entire house yesterday) and minimal yard work (except for cutting the grass and finishing the small flower bed). There really is nothing more enjoyable to me than having a clean house with everything in its place. I'm confident that it makes me sleep better and I don't feel like the "house cleaning cloud" is hanging over my head every time I'm relaxing. After tomorrow hopefully we will have a clean house, freshly cut lawn, and both flower beds will have new weed barrier and mulch!

I started the week with a huge to do list and I've managed to tackle most everything on the list. I'm a list maker, always have been and always will be. It helps keep me organized and focused on what I need to accomplish. Five weeks ago I put pen to paper and devised a plan to get myself in better shape, be able to run (actually run, no walking) at least 3.25 miles 5-6 days a week, eat healthier, and hopefully shed the weight I've gained since we moved here. From mid January-beginning of May I had lost 5 lbs but I knew I could do better than that and should have in that amount of time. In the last 5 weeks I've lost almost 4 lbs. Enough chit chat, here's my list of goals. Feel free to keep me accountable!

Week 1: Track everything in my WW app (I probably should do a separate post on WW)
Week 2: Run 1 mile 5-6 days a week
Week 3: Drink 64 oz. of something each day (I know I'm not drinking enough, working on the H2O)
Week 4: Earn 20 AP's per week (AP's are activity points I earn by running, working out, doing yard work)
Week 5: Take a multivitamin at least 5 days a week
Week 6: Run 1.25 miles 5-6 days per week
Week 7: Do pilates once per week
Week 8: Earn 25 AP's per week
Week 9: Eat 5 fruits/veggies per day
Week 10: Run 1.5 miles 5-6 days per week
Week 11: Weight training 2 times per week
Week 12: Drink 64 oz. of WATER each day
Week 13: Do yoga once a week
Week 14: Run 1.75 miles 5-6 days per week
Week 15: Do pilates 2 times per week
Week 16: Try one new recipe per week
Week 17: Bike 4 miles once per week (on Allan's bike around the neighborhood-each lap is .4 miles)
Week 18: Run 2.0 miles 5-6 days per week
Week 19: Bike 4.4 miles once per week
Week 20: Bike 4.8 miles once per week
Week 21: Bike 5.6 miles once per week
Week 22: Run 2.25 miles 5-6 days per week
Week 23: Do yoga 2 times per week
Week 24: Eat 7 fruits/veggies per day
Week 25: Bike 6.0 miles once per week
Week 26: Run 2.5 miles 5-6 days per week
Week 27: Earn 30 AP's per week
Week 28: Do yoga 3 times per week
Week 29: Bike 6.8 miles once per week
Week 30: Run 2.75 miles 5-6 days per week
Week 31: Do pilates 3 times per week
Week 32: Weight training 3 times per week
Week 33: Bike 8.0 miles once per week
Week 34: Run 3.0 miles 5-6 days per week
Week 35: Earn 35 AP's per week
Week 36: Plan races for 2012 and set time goals for those races
Week 37: Bike 9.2 miles once per week
Week 38: Run 3.25 miles 5-6 days per week
Week 39: Earn 40 AP's per week
Week 40: Bike 10 miles once per week

I may make some changes as I see how everything goes but at Week 40 I hope to be:
Running 3.25 miles 5-6 days a week
Doing yoga, pilates, & weight training 3 days a week (yoga and pilates on T,R,Sa and weight training M,W,F)
Biking 10.0 miles on my off day(s) from running
Eating 7 fruits/veggies, taking my multivitamin, and drinking 64 oz of water each day
Earning at least 40 AP's per week
Trying one new recipe per week
Tracking everything

Basically the way I laid out my list is that I started with 1 mile and I increase .25 miles after 4 weeks of running that distance. From there I filled in the remaining weeks with other things that I knew I wanted to incorporate into my health and fitness plan. Obviously increasing distance on the bike is filling the gap on weeks where I just wanted to be able to focus on doing everything I was already doing. These 40 weeks will take me into February 2012 and who knows what I might be planning by that time!

I hope you find this motivating. Perhaps now is a great time to evaluate those New Year's resolutions that you made about eating better and exercising more and get yourself on track to living a healthier, more active life!

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  1. Thanks for posting this Suzanne- this is just the motivation I need..been in a slump lately!! You are a gem!


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