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Friday, June 17, 2011

Free Starbucks for Me!!

Thanks to my careful reading of the entire Starbucks Decaf House Blend coffee bag I emptied last month I'm enjoying a free tall cup of Starbucks coffee. I'm also enjoying the rain which we so badly need.

Last night I went to bed feeling pretty upset and mad at myself. My jewelry is still nowhere to be found and we are 99% sure it's got to be in the house somewhere. Not being able to find it has been stressing me out and I'm so angry with myself for putting it away. After a terrible night of tossing and turning I got out of bed to start my day at 8. As I drove to pay the water bill I passed through an area where a tornado hit and as I looked at what used to be someone's home I thought of my jewelry. While I hope and pray that I find it I'm grateful that after April 27, 2011, the only thing I'm missing is jewelry that I myself misplaced. We are blessed that the house I saw this morning wasn't ours and that everyone we know and love remained unharmed throughout that day.

This morning as I thank God for our rain, Allan and the dogs, and our home I'm saying a special prayer for those whose lives were changed after April 27 and hoping they find peace and comfort as they rebuild their homes and lives.


  1. Oh, yes, we always save those bags! It is tragic how many people have been affected by the crazy storms and tornadoes we've had this year. Thanks for the reminder to pray for them.

  2. Always lots to be thankful for--big and small:)


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