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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Favorite Childhood Summer Memories

Today I'm going to share some of my favorite childhood summer memories. Please forgive the lack of pictures.

  • Building a fence with Momma, Daddy, Pa, NeeNee, and my sister when I was 6
  • Playing with my sister and two boys down the street (in the cattle trailer no less!)
  • Hunting for treasure in the creek which was usually broken glass pieces for my collection
  • Spending countless hours talking to my dog Jill and occasionally crying into her fur
  • Walking down the road with a garden hoe and Jill in case we ran into a snake
  • Catching lightning bugs and putting them in jars but always releasing them before the night was over
  • Checking the cows to look for new baby calves
  • Staying outside during a summer storm (as long as there was no lightning)
  • Eating double decker vanilla Moon pies down the road at my great uncle's house while listening to his stories
  • Trips to Luverne (where NeeNee was born) to see family and stop in at another great uncle's country store
  • A week or two at NeeNee and Pa's where there was cable tv, a shopping trip, & a McDonald's Happy Meal
  • NeeNee instructing Pa on how to drive with my sister and I (her dolls as she called us) in the car
  • Having to get Pa to turn around and go back home once I discovered Button & Block had not made the trip
  • Riding down the hill in NeeNee and Pa's yard in a little red wagon 
  • Homemade icecream
  • Shelling peas, shucking corn, snapping beans, and canning jelly with NeeNee
  • Staying up late with Pa to watch Braves games

For some reason I'm a bit sad today and while these memories bring a smile to my face they do make me miss NeeNee and Pa and my childhood summers. Our family didn't take summer vacations or spend money on entertaining ourselves. Everything we needed was right there on our farm or amidst family and friends. The one summer we won a vacation was fun but not one that even came to mind as I thought of my favorite childhood summer memories. This weekend as Allan and I head home to the farm with the dogs I'll probably take some time alone to walk around the farm and thank God for how fortunate I was to grow up there and make these memories with my sister, parents, and grandparents.

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