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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wonderful Wednesday and our Church Search!

The past week or so have been full of particularly great days for me. Don't get me wrong I am grateful for every day that I have but I'm always excited for those days that seem to go without flaw or confrontation and turn out to be really productive. I've been filling my planner with to do list items and crossing them off. I would love to say I've gotten everything accomplished already but it's only Wednesday so I've got some time!

I'm on Day 3 of making running a part of my everyday life and so far, so good. For me, everything is just a matter of saying I'm going to do it and then doing it. I've written in my planner that I'm running a mile Monday-Thursday (can't do Friday this week because we will be driving to MS) and I hate to leave things undone for the day so I'm anxious to get my mile in and cross it off my list. I find myself drinking more water (something I'm not good at doing) and getting that good kind of tired feeling before bedtime when I make exercise a part of my daily routine.

I moved here in October 2009 and Allan moved in December after graduation. Between weekends at our parents, football season (where it seems like we went to more games than we thought we would), and other trips on weekends to see friends it never felt like the right time to find a church home for me. We already knew which location we would be attending for Allan's church and I'll be the first to admit I wasn't very proactive in finding a church home that is in line with my Christian beliefs and one where we can both feel comfortable attending. Most of this was due to my love for the church I attended in Auburn and the fact that I was still able to watch online even though I couldn't be there in person. I loved the Pastor and how he conveyed God's word through his messages so I found myself comparing other churches to this one. We visited one church last year but immediately didn't feel like it was a good fit. The church we attended this past Sunday is one that several of our neighbors attend and we both enjoyed the music and the message and will be attending again. There are one or two other churches that I would like to visit. I pray that we are able to find the right church for us.

Any advice on finding a church home?


  1. Love the blog! Thanks for following me :) Looking forward to getting to know you more! Hope you can find a great church!

  2. I don't have any advice for you really, but I sure hope that you find one soon!

  3. Finding a church home is hard! I pray God leads you to the right one!

  4. Suzanne,
    I think word of mouth is the best way to find a church... ask around people in your age group for any churches they may recommend. I would visit but not just the actual service. I would try and visit Sunday School and small group or a way to get plugged in. This is the best way to see if a church is a fit! I am proud of you and all you get done!

  5. Hi! I'm not sure if y'all have found one yet or not but we were in this same boat last year so wanted to share what worked for us. We googled churches with newlywed sunday school classes so that we would be able to find people our age to connect with. We spent a few weeks going to different ones until we found the one that fit us and then did our best trying to get involved. We have really enjoyed it and love having friends now! (we were brand new to the area and didn't know anyone). Hope y'all find yours soon!


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