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Monday, May 2, 2011

Poison Ivy

Still no power here but I'm not complaining at all. I've thoroughly enjoyed the nights on the porch with neighbors telling stories, laughing at jokes, and reminding ourselves that 5 minutes away there are people who would give anything to have a porch to sit on. I had to be taken to the emergency clinic set up at Sparkman because my poison ivy has gotten worse. It started to bleed when I took off my bandages this morning. I was hoping to get my arms wrapped up, get a shot, and be ready to get back out there cleaning up debris but the doctor wouldn't have it. I'm going to be useless until this dries up but I'm keeping my fingers crossed I'll be back out there this weekend.

This is quite possibly the worst time to have poison ivy and with the bandages on my arms I'm afraid people will think I have burns or cuts. This will teach me to weed anywhere on the farm that poison ivy is close to!

I have tons of pictures to post from the trip home for Easter and local pictures here. As soon as there's power and Internet they will be up!

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  1. oh man, Suz! I can't believe you have poison ivy! i hope it gets better fast!! I'm so thankful y'all are safe!!


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