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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Music Moves Me 5K

This morning Allan and I made our way to downtown Huntsville for the Music Moves Me 5K. We were startled by the small group of people there to run. After running the Cotton Row with thousands and the Liz Hurley with hundreds a couple hundred people seemed small in comparison. We stretched and got ready for the start. Allan is in much better shape than I am so I set the pace and he stays with me. My best 5K time is 37:43 (Cotton Row 2010) and today I just wanted to gauge where I was time-wise in preparation for the Cotton Row in a couple weeks.

I had a difficult time breathing during the first half of the race. I've been a little congested this week but I wasn't expecting to have any issues today. Allan was patient and walked with me when I needed to. The second half wasn't as difficult for me and I was able to run more. At 2 miles we were under 25 minutes and my goal was to finish under 40 which we did! Our official times aren't posted yet but we finished somewhere over 39:00 and under 39:30.

I had a long talk with my best guy friend this week (calls from Afganistan make my day!) and we talked about my running goals and how to achieve them. I know it's a matter of me putting feet to pavement, treadmill, or track and putting the miles in. I'm hoping to get my 5K time down to 32 minutes by October when we run the Liz Hurley. This time next year I hope to be able to run the Music Moves Me 10K and finish in 1 hour. My long term goals are to run a half marathon and full marathon. At this point a full marathon seems like a very lofty goal but I know it's achievable if I put my mind to it.

Well that's enough about the run and my goals for running! Have a great weekend!


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Way to go on your 5K. I admire your hard work. I am so self-conscious and out of shape that when I run I look like a wounded donkey. I am gonna read your older posts for some inspiration! :)

  2. Way to go Suz!!! Sounded like a fun/more intimate event compared to the others--that's a cool change, especially if it's organized really well. I LOVE your running goals! I follow A LOT of runner blogs, if you haven't already, check out my circle of bloggers, their posts, and people who leave comments on their posts--lots of cool people!


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