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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Michael's Graduation & Baby Bunnies

This weekend we took off to Columbus AFB to see Michael get his wings officially making him a pilot in the United States Air Force. To say I was so excited I could hardly sleep on Thursday night was no exaggeration! He's been working toward this day since October 2009 so it's been a long time coming.

Michael received the Navigation Top Gun Award


"Through these doors walk the best-trained pilots in the world"

Training Squadron Michael flew in
We attended graduation where we got to see Michael receive his wings. Then we spent some time at their house, ate lunch, and went to the squadron to get a tour. We even got to meet the squadron mascot-a snake! Rachel kept her face covered the entire time we were in that room. After hanging out at the house for a couple hours the guys took off to go fly the simulator. What we learned from this experience is that Allan needs to work on his landings. That even was cocktail hour followed by the graduation dinner which was really nice. There was a tradition in which they paid tribute to those POW's and those missing in action. It was quite moving and I had tears running down my cheeks before the candle was even lit at the table set for one. It made me very grateful for the sacrifices made by those whose names we don't know and whose families were never able to lay them to rest. This night was one where I was truly honored to have Michael and Slick serving our country defending the freedoms that I so often take for granted.

We headed home on Saturday afternoon and as luck would have it we got pulled over for speeding. Allan was already pulled over before the policeman turned his lights on and he said yes sir and was quite respectful. A few agonizing moments later the policeman returned and gave Allan a warning for going 72 in a 50. Now if that had been me I would have gotten a ticket but NOOOO Allan never gets a ticket. No complaints for not getting a ticket though!

As soon as we pulled into the driveway I ran into the backyard to check on our baby bunnies that have been residing in their little burrow for the last two weeks. They had grown so much in 48 hours! The dogs headed outside and were anxious to check on the babies. Sasha nosed them and once one discovered it could jump out the rest followed. We had 5 baby bunnies bouncing around in a yard with 2 labs. Not a good combination! Allan wrangled the dogs onto the deck and we started trying to find the 5 bunnies and put them in a basket. 20 minutes later all were rescued but not before Sasha squeezed herself through the deck rails and tried to "help" with the bunnies. By 9:30 we were armed with flashlights and digging a new burrow outside of the backyard for them to live in. We checked on them this afternoon and they are staying in that general area but venturing outside the burrow. We hope they are coming back and sleeping there at night for the mom to come check on them and feed them. Here are some pictures of the bunnies!

The first day we found them!

Aren't they cute?!

They got their hair!

5 little bunnies!

They opened their eyes!

He's a cutie!

The dogs watching over the bunnies

They would have never left them if it was up to these two!

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