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Thursday, April 14, 2011

What's Next for Us

I found out this week that the child I've been taking care of in the afternoons will be going to camp at the Y so that means I will actually have a life this summer that won't revolve around entertaining a seven year old all day every day. I will still have him when his dad travels overnight on business trips but I really think going to the Y and being able to play with so many other children is going to be a great experience for him. Being an only child gets lonely at times, I would think, and as much fun as I like to think I am when we are playing games there's no substitute for playing with children his age. The summer is normally a busier time for audits so I will be busy with my primary job but after doing the audits for 6 months I've gotten a lot faster with them. This means I will have the opportunity to take on extra shifts at the hospital volunteering. It will also mean that we can take long weekends and go see family and friends.

Allan can't seem to think about anything other than going to the beach right now so I'm sure if he gets his way there will be a beach trip coming up for us this summer. Depending on where my sister and her husband are stationed next (if they end up moving to another base) we will be making at least one trip to see them. We are going to ATL in June the weekend the Braves play the Rangers and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Josh Hamilton (my #1 pick in fantasy baseball) will be off the DL and back in the lineup for the Rangers. I'm excited about finally getting to see Alyson's place and spend the weekend hanging out with her.

Kentucky is also on the list of our summer travel plans. It's been way too long since we've seen either grandmother or the rest of Allan's extended family so at least one weekend we will be up there with them. KY is also where Allan's oldest brother and our two nephews live so we hope to see them on one of our trips up there. They stayed with me (Allan was out of town) last summer on their way to the beach and we had a great time. I can't wait to see them again!

Our oldest niece turns one this summer and we are really looking forward to celebrating her birthday in NC. It feels like just yesterday Allan and I were in Charleston for my best friend Caroline's wedding and anxiously checking our phones for news of her birth (at the time everyone was expecting a boy not a little girl). I'm quite excited about buying her presents. Allan picked out most of the outfits we got her when she was born so I'll have to take him with me to shop for her. Allan thinks I buy too many baby clothes as it is but we will save that for the blog post on finding great deals and shopping in advance.

There will be trips to Hoover, Montgomery, and hopefully Auburn tossed in there as well. The dogs love going to Montgomery and spending a weekend on our family farm. Last time we took them on a long walk to check fences and then they swam in the pond fetching sticks until they were tired. Sasha is probably getting a summer haircut next weekend while we are there so she won't be so hot this summer. She looks weird  with short hair but we know she feels so much better.

That's our plans for this summer (or at least what I've come up with so far-Allan will be hearing all this for the first time when he reads the blog). Hope you all have some great summer plans as well! We would love to hear what you are planning!

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  1. Come visit me!! ATL - OGG nonstop flights;) ..Bring Aly!


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