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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring is Here to Stay!

Last spring we learned an important lesson about living in North Alabama. You can't fall for those first few days of warm weather. That doesn't always mean the cold temperatures are gone. It's been getting warmer the past few weeks and I'm finally convinced that it's not getting cold again. This means I'm ready to do some planting. I have a lot of ideas of fruits and veggies that I want to plant in a small garden in our yard but so far all that Allan has wanted to tackle is flowers for the front porch. We selected gerbera daisies after having two in the larger pots last year that did well and had beautiful blooms. We picked out an orange, pink, and white one and put in our flower box that sits on the front porch. Here's how they are doing so far:


Last year I planted a rose bush by the porch steps and a hydrangea bush over by the AC (odd place I know but my grandmother had hers there and with that water those comes off the AC if I forget to water it it will still live). The rose bush has completely taken off and grown so much while the hydrangea is still almost as small as it was when I planted it. I'm going to have to give it some extra TLC this year if I want it to grow. When we moved in they had recently planted azaleas which we liked so they stayed and they are doing well. Here are some pictures of the azaleas from yesterday to today and a bud on the rose bush.

 Yesterday only these two had opened
 Today there are quite a few more
 The dark red ones aren't opening as fast as the pink
 Another pink one that is blooming a lot
 Rose bud (there are two so far)

The front beds still have a ways to go. I want to pull out all the mulch and there's a section that needs new weed paper so I need to till that, put down weed paper, and decide what to plant there. I saw some hydrangea bushes that are a beautiful pink and I want to plant them in pots on the porch but I think the pots we have are too small for them and they really need to be in the ground, not a pot. Hopefully before too long I will have my flowerbed around the mailbox, vegetable garden in the side yard, new mulch, plants in our two larger pots, and some new additions to the front bed.

Hope all of you have been enjoying the start of spring as much as we have! Sasha already thinks it's too hot. She came inside this afternoon after being out from 9-2 and went straight to the cold tile and wouldn't budge. We shut the door to the laundry room and left her while Allan had his soccer game. Lucky, however, believes this is perfect weather for throwing the tennis ball hundreds of times across the backyard when all I want to do is nap peacefully in the hammock (pictures to come!).

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  1. LOVE this weather and I'm so glad you finally get to enjoy it! You should definitely have an herb graden! ..endless supply of cilantro! YUMMM!! =)


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