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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Soccer Moms and Cookie Cutter Neighborhoods

This blog post has been a long time coming since starting my nanny job. Each afternoon I drive through three school zones, two of which overlap. Every afternoon I slow down to between 25-30 mph as I'm supposed to and every afternoon a mom in either a minivan or SUV rides my bumper while talking on their cellphone. Now I imagine if this were their child's school zone and I was speeding through talking on my phone they would ve taking down my tag number and calling the police. By the time I calm down from the speeding soccer moms I make it into the neighborhood where the seven year old boy and his father live. All of the houses have identical lights around flowerbeds, matching mailboxes, and owner's choice of a few different designs.

I get to do some good people watching as I wait for school to let out and the children to walk home. The most entertaining parent is probably 2-door BMW lady. She's pretty, blonde, and always smoking as her son climbs into the car. I get the feeling that she and other moms probably don't get along very well since the ones in velour jogging suits driving minivans or large SUV's never include her in their chatter while waiting for their children. When I have to stay overnight I get the joy of watching the morning routines of three dads walking their children. One has his dog with him, another his coffee cup, and the third is along for the walk. Don't get me wrong-I'm not criticizing suburbia America. I just don't think this is somewhere I would ever fit in. It makes me grateful to have been raised on a farm and overjoyed that cookie cutter is the last word anyone would use for our neighborhood.

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  1. You need a bumper sticker that Says, "if you're a soccer mom, put down you cell phone and back off."


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