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Monday, April 18, 2011

Red Necks (and Faces)

This weekend Allan and I had to cancel our plans for going to Birmingham and Atlanta since I had nanny responsibilities starting Saturday afternoon. I found out last minute he was leaving Saturday not Monday so there went our plans. As it turns out we had a pretty good weekend anyway.

Friday night we stayed at home and didn't do anything exciting. Allan caught up on Camelot (show on Starz) and I watched about 5 hours of Criminal Minds with an hour of NCIS mixed in there somewhere. These are not shows that I make time for during the week but I catch the older episodes on other channels (USA, Spike, A&E) and I'll watch them. That was pretty much our Friday night-lazy and watching tv.

On Saturday we slept in and didn't do much that morning. At 3 I went over to pick up the seven year old I keep and he was thrilled to get to come to our house to play with the "doggies". A friend on his baseball team had invited him to the movies so within a couple of hours the three of us were out the door, dropping him off for movies, and heading to the Crawfish Boil. The Crawfish Boil here is pretty small in comparison to the one in Birmingham and I'm not a huge fan of crawfish so this was all for Allan's benefit. The band that was playing turned out to be good and we stayed longer than I thought. We rounded out the night eating at Captain D's (I love their chicken!) since I hadn't eaten yet. After picking up the seven year old from Pizza Hut we headed home and went to bed.

My Sunday morning started at 5:30 (not my idea!) and little did I know what lay ahead for the day. I had suggested meeting the kid from the baseball team on Sunday afternoon so they could practice baseball. Allan played baseball and as I've learned is good at everything he plays so Coach Allan got to spend 3 hours teaching these boys more than I've seen them learn yet from their practices or games that I've been to. This also meant that I got to practice my fielding, batting, throwing, and base running. I'm not sure why I didn't think to put on sunscreen but I figured "It's not that hot,we won't get sunburned." Allan and I were the fair skinned ones in our group of five playing baseball and we were lucky enough to land ourselves sunburned necks and faces. Allan had on a hat so his face isn't as bad as mine but both our necks look like tomatoes. Now that I've gotten my first sunburn it feels more like summer is around the corner!


  1. I'd say you're getting a great picture of what an awesome dad Allan is going to be one day. :)

  2. COACH ALLAN!! I love it--you guys are too cute:) What a great weekend!! If you have don't have any Aloe (Banana Boat is the best:) I left some at the apartment you can use:)


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