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Monday, April 11, 2011

Huntsville Hospital Volunteer

As of today I am officially a Huntsville Hospital Volunteer for the ICU Waiting area. From junior high until the summer before my sophomore year at Auburn I volunteered at Baptist South in Montgomery doing everything from patient transport, flower delivery, and OB/GYN. I loved every minute of it and have missed the opportunity to give back. I submitted my application online in January and had assumed that they didn't need anyone when I received a call last week lining up a meeting for this morning with the Volunteer Coordinator. After a couple of hours of filling out forms, getting a TB skin test done, and having my badge made I'm all set for hands on training in the ICU waiting area tomorrow morning.

Front of Huntsville Hospital

Now that I am a volunteer at Huntsville Hospital I am on the list for Madison Hospital volunteers. Our hospital is scheduled to open February 2012 and I will  be given the opportunity to volunteer there, stay at Huntsville Hospital, or perhaps even do both. I'll be very excited to get in on the ground floor of our local hospital and have the opportunity to become familiar with more people in our community and give back at the same time. I feel so blessed that I have a career which gives me the flexibility to be able to volunteer. The Volunteer Coordinator told me that with ICU Waiting volunteers are needed from 8-8 seven days a week so if my husband wants to volunteer then we could do some evening or weekend shifts together. There's no needles in ICU Waiting so I'm going to see if I can't talk Allan into it!

Artist sketch of Madison Hospital

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  1. I quiver just THINKING about the TB skin test. No ma'am!

    That's awesome you're volunteering again--looking forward to hearing all about it:)


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